The Now Teach Network is the member-led community of Now Teachers.

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The Now Teach Network

Vision: – as created by Now Teachers 

The Now Teach Network is a community of teachers who bring collective skills and experiences from a diverse range of sectors into schools and classrooms. We are brought together by Now Teach, a charity which exists to attract and recruit experienced people to change career and retain in teaching. We strive to augment young people’s access to superb education and inspire them through our experiences of and exposure to the real world. We want to help them to be ready for work and life after school. We want to bring our understanding of other workplace practices to the education sector to enrich and support the school system.   

As the Network together we: 

  • Enable and support one another to thrive as career-changers in our teaching and to navigate our new lives in schools and classrooms; we will celebrate, commiserate, telling our stories and building supportive relationships  
  • Solve problems together, pool what we learn – our ideas and practices – to help each other become the best teachers possible  
  • Work together to fully harness our skills, experiences, and networks from our old careers to our new ones for the benefit of the students who need it most.  
  • Use our collective voice, skills, experiences, and networks to improve workplace practices at school for teachers, parents, and school leaders alike. 

To achieve this, we are supported by Now Teach and their team who are committed to: 

  • Enabling career changers to transition into their training and teaching across a Two-Year Career Change Programme  
  • Supporting our network of Now Teachers to flourish  
  • Coordinating and providing us with administrative and organisational support, including an online platform, and activities and events to connect on issues we care about 
  • Amplifying our voice by giving us opportunities to raise awareness of our work and goals, including through their website, social media, and other communication channels 

This vision statement was put together by a group of Now Teachers in the autumn of 2021 and will be reviewed and updated periodically. 

Get In Touch

The value of the Network is vital but above it is member led and we encourage you to share your ideas with us. You can contact us here: network@nowteach.org.uk 

They are committed to using their skills and experiences from a diverse range of sectors for the benefit of schools and students who need them most.