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Wherever you live in England, we can help you apply for teacher training and support you to retrain. We'll also help you make smart choices about where you will train.

A long journey twice a day is not a good use of your resources.

6/28/2022 4:22:07 PM
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We work across England

Over the past five years, we have helped over 800 people to change career and formed partnerships with over 100 schools, training providers and universities across England.

Our knowledge of teacher training and our range of partners in the different regions means we can find the course that’s right for you.

If we do not have a partner near where you live, we will research and build relationships with your local training providers.

Where will I train?

Now Teach career changers choose who they train with and in many cases, this also means choosing where they train. Our job is to provide information and clear advice so you can make a good choice.

We always recommend you train with a provider in your immediate area - no more than 45 minutes away.

Now Teach then support you and work with your training provider as you train to teach.

Which schools do you work with?

We work with state secondary schools, many of them serving disadvantaged young people and their communities. We are not yet working with primary schools.

How far away should my training school be from home?

This is simple: the commute time to your school should be no more than 45 minutes.

Your time and your energy are hugely important as you change career and retrain. A long journey twice a day is not a good use of your resources.

Teachers need to be at school on time every day, especially when they have responsibility for a class.

When selecting a training provider, consider if there are multiple routes to the school in case your usual one is blocked? Do you have different options for public transport?

Working this out will reduce stress on the days when things don’t go according to plan.

The Department for Education website has a tool where you can search for providers by distance from your home. 

What are schools really like? Now Teachers explain...

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We'll help you choose the provider that's right for you.


There’s a lot to consider if you are thinking about becoming a teacher, so we’ve gathered together the key information that you need to know. If your questions aren’t answered here, please email our expert careers team who will be happy to provide advice.

Becoming a teacher and retraining with our support means you can access our career-change support as well as the standard teacher training package. You’ll get: • Being part of an honest, common-sense organisation • Access to our two year career change programme of support] • The Now Teach Network, a member led community of Now Teachers who have completed the two year support programme • Continued support from Now Teach as you progress through teaching • Regular development events from Now Teach • Access to Now Teach’s career change and wellbeing coaches • Government bursary of up to £26,000 tax-free for shortage subjects • Possibility of compressed 4-days-a-week training programme • Training based in either a university or school • A mixture of theoretical and practical learning • In-school and training provider mentor support • The chance to change young people’s lives Whether you are committed or just curious about starting a new career in teaching, express your interest to speak to one of our advisors.

Now Teachers typically have significant career experience and are now looking to use their skills to make a difference in the classroom by training to become a teacher.

They are a diverse group who are all seeking a new challenge and want to use their life experiences to help realise their students’ potential.

To successfully change career and become a teacher with Now Teach, you should fit the following description:

Believe that every child deserves a great education regardless of their background

Want to do something that matters, and be prepared to spend a lot of time and energy doing it

Want to re-immerse yourself in a subject that you love and teach children to like it as much as you do

Be open to working with colleagues who may be twenty or thirty years younger than you, and be able to take instruction from them

The transition from the office to the classroom is not going to be easy. You must be prepared to fail at first but keep on trying until you work out how to do it. If you master the new skills required, this may be the most rewarding thing you’ve ever done. It’s a big step. We are here to help you decide whether it is right for you. See how others have got on by reading our case studies.

Training to teach will almost certainly challenge you in ways which you have not come across previously in your professional career. We pride ourselves that our support means Now Teachers are more likely to stay in teaching than career changers going it alone. Now Teach are specialists in working with experienced career-changers and we have used that to develop our Career Change Programme. The Programme provides two years of support and development designed to make your transition to teaching a success. One to One Support We offer each Now Teacher a dedicated Programme Manager. We also provide wellbeing, subject and career coaching – helping you get to where you want to be in schools. The Programme Managers are happy to listen to all concerns you may have and, more often than not, know of another Now Teacher who has been through the same, so we connect you. Training with other career changers Your fellow trainees are essential to your progress. Connecting with fellow, like-minded trainees it is your opportunity to share knowledge, tips and help each other progress. We build relationships through a mix of online and face-to-face events throughout your training year. The events are monthly and feature quality speakers from the sector. They complement your teacher training and are designed to help you make the best possible transition to the teaching profession. Now Teach Network The Now Teach Network is the member-led community of Now Teachers.. They are committed to using their skills and experiences from a diverse range of sectors for the benefit of schools and students. Once you accept your offer you will be able to engage with the Network’s activities and after the two-year programme, we hope you will become an active Network Member and support your fellow career changers to make a difference to the lives of their students.