Education: The Bigger Picture

The education sector is a huge sector. There are many different voices, opinions and methods, all of which can be explored in your new career. We have gathered some initial resources to get to grip with the sector.

Read length: 5 mins

7/5/2022 12:09:36 PM
Conference Michael

Now I'm Grown Up with Jenni Murray

Our podcast about education, career change and why they both matter.

Talks from inspirational teachers

A selection of Ted Talks from teachers around the world

‘Experiences of poverty and educational disadvantage’ by Donald Hirsch for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

A key report in explaining the link between poverty and educational achievement

Closing the Gap by the EEF

Report explaining the gap in achievement between disadvantaged children and their wealthier peers

What if… we really wanted to further social mobility through education?

The 2019 Education Lecture from UCL Institute of Education.

Why pastoral support in schools is integral to education

Outlines how teachers do more than just teaching to help students learn

Keeping up-to-date on education issues matters

A primer on how to stay on top of education issues and why it matters