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Teaching is a job like no other. If you are looking a new challenge or a way to give back, you've come to the right place. Our Network is to help you explore your options and help accelerate your progress as you change career.

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We help you as you train

Teaching is exciting. It is your opportunity to share the love you have for your subject and help young people in your area develop. How can we help you do that? Our Network and Programme team have put together a unique programme to accelerate your progress.

How we help you change career

Where we work

We work in state secondary schools across the whole of England.

In our first five years, we have supported 500+ teachers in over 100 partner schools, training providers and universities in England.

Initially, we help you to get a teacher training place but our Network is open to you if you've already secured your training place too.

Where we work
500 Recruited Teachers
100 Partner Schools
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Career Change Programme

Our job is to help you become a great teacher. We help you pick a training course from the hundreds of options and make sure you hit the ground running with our expert support.

Career Change Programme
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About The Network

When the first cohort of Now Teachers enrolled in 2017, Lucy Kellaway and Katie Waldegrave told them they had joined a movement.

About The Now Teach Network
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Joining The Network

Our careers team are here to help you make an informed choice over whether you train at a university or a school-based course, to pursue a compressed and flexible training option, or study for a PGCE or just gain QTS or gain both. Once on the Programme our Network is here to accelerate and support your progress as you train to teach and beyond.

Joining The Now Teach Network
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Before Your Teacher Training

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail. How you prepare yourself before you train is very important. There is no one standard preparation however we recommend having experience of teaching, coaching or tutoring children, preferably other than your own.

Before Your Teacher Training
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I very quickly discovered when I embarked on the journey to becoming a teacher with Now Teach just how crucial the Programme Team is to a successful outcome.

Chris Lees, 2019 Cohort


There’s a lot to consider if you are thinking about becoming a teacher, so we’ve gathered together the key information that you need to know. If your questions aren’t answered here, please email our expert Recruitment team who will be happy to provide advice.

Now Teach is an education charity for people who have had a successful career and now want to use their experience to make a difference by becoming teachers. People who join our Network often have decades of experience and come from a range of sectors. 

We help career changers by advising them on which teacher training place to choose and providing support through initial teacher training and beyond.

We also invite Now Teachers to join our Network - a national community of like-minded peers with similar backgrounds. This helps to smooth the transition into teaching and accelerates their progress in the profession.

This ongoing support, coaching, training sessions and our Network is designed to amplify impact and accelerate progress as second career teachers.

A great education is a vital part of a young person's life and schools are constantly working to make sure their students learn and thrive. There is always a need for great teachers who can make a difference.

This is particularly important for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are less likely to get the grades that lead to a job with good prospects or university. 

At the same time, our lives are growing longer. Many experienced and highly skilled professionals are looking for new and rewarding challenges for the next stage in their working lives. We know some of these people want to teach.

In the past, many career-changers moving into teaching have found the transition tough and have left the profession after only a few years. We are changing that.

Now Teach helps career-changers successfully retrain to become great teachers, helping them secure a training place, and then supporting them to stay in the profession for the long-term.

Now Teach provides career changers with a tailor-made support programme, including a new professional network of other career-changers, to amplify their impact and accelerate progress.

We want changing career later in life to become a normal, unexceptional step. We want talented people to bring their skills and insights into the teaching environment and, over time, use their experience to contribute to wider improvements in education.

Now Teach participants are career-changers new to teaching. They are experienced people retraining as secondary school teachers and plan to stay in the sector. Now Teach participants have carefully considered their interest in becoming a teacher. They are credible communicators and passionate about their subject. The best teachers have a good understanding of their subject, whilst being aware of where they need to work on their subject knowledge and teaching skills. Now Teachers aim to raise the aspirations of all their students regardless of background. Our participants are trainees and are not expected to be fantastic teachers from their first day. What is essential is that they are willing to learn, take feedback often and improve their teaching practice. Now Teachers are advocates of the Now Teach movement and enjoy being active in the network

Everyone applying to become a teacher must meet the criteria set by the Department for Education.
You require a GCSE Grade C or above in English and maths and an undergraduate degree (usually at least a second-class degree).

If you have overseas qualifications, they must be equivalent to or above. Equivalencies can be provided by ENIC-NARIC.

Please contact Now Teach if you are unsure of this process and we can support you.

You will need to have some qualifications in the subject you would like to teach. Usually this will be: 50% of your degree, a good A-level (A/B) or substantial relevant professional experience