Returning to the classroom was my silver lining.

Now Teacher Sara Harper Stevens talked to Good Housekeeping about her switch the classroom.

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3/12/2024 4:10:22 PM
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Fifteen years ago, my life looked like this: I lived in northern France with my husband, Nigel, and our two daughters, Freya and Lydia. Having left behind my career in finance, I was a stay-at-home mum. We loved our relaxed lifestyle in France - it was idyllic.

Change is difficult, so often you don't do it until you have a real reason.

In 2018, Nigel's work needed him back in the UK.

We had three months to pack up and move.

Teaching was an idea I'd mulled over, but change is difficult, so often you don't do it until you have a real reason to. A fresh start in England was the motivation I needed.

I'd heard Lucy Kellaway, co-founder of Now Teach, on the radio, speaking about the challenges she'd faced while becoming a teacher. It inspired me and showed that you can enter teaching in your 50s, makes mistakes and still be successful.

I became a teaching assistant before enrolling at university to study a PGCE course while joining Now Teach.

There were plenty of younger people on my course but I wasn't the oldest either! It was encouraging to see other women my age doing the same. 

I've been at the same secondary school for four years now. I love being surrounded by young people.

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