'I gave up my 6-figure journalism job to teach'. Lucy Kellaway in Business Insider

Lucy Kellaway tells 'Business Insider' why she became a teacher and about the culture shock of moving from the Financial Times to a school.

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8/3/2023 9:27:49 AM
Lucy Peston Laura

Lucy Kellaway spent many years working at the Financial Times as a writer, editor, and columnist.

Then she decided to change career to teaching and co-found Now Teach.

She spoke to Business Insider about why she became a teacher.

"I really loved working at the Financial Times. They gave me lots of different and interesting jobs to do.

"Although it was glamorous and fun, those things started to wear off. I found myself in my late fifties considering if I actually wanted to do one job my whole life.

"My mum was a great school teacher and when she died I briefly thought about becoming a teacher like her.

"But I thought I might have left it too late. Ten years later when my dad died, I thought I needed to do something radical with the time I had left of my working life.

"I knew from my daughter, who is also a teacher, that there was a desperate need for more teachers in the UK. So I thought, "that's what I'm going to do."

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