Five signs you need to change career

With retirement ages rising and working patterns changing, you’re not the only one considering a new challenge. Find out if it's time for you to change career.

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1/27/2023 5:03:00 PM
5 Signs You Need To Change Career

According to Totaljobs, over 220,000 people changed career last year. That’s almost filling Wembley Stadium for two and a half nights.

Are you wondering about joining them but aren't certain?

 If you’re not sure whether you are ready to change roles, take a look at the questions below and see if they resonate.

Five signs you need to change career

  1. You’ve done it all before 
    The thrill of the next project has gone cold. Is the industry you’re in starting to feel a bit vanilla?

  2. You’re learning less  
    You used to thrive on new ideas about how to get better. Have the opportunities to learn dwindled? 

  3. You’re craving something different 
    You've changed your hair, your car, your job, and your partner. Are you still seeking a new challenge? 

  4. Your motivations have changed 
    Maybe your definition of success has changed and instead of striving for money, status, and security – you now want freedom, flexibility and to make an impact. What are you looking for? 

  5. You feel disconnected from your passions 
    There’s always been a ‘what if’ in the back of your mind. You chose not to pursue something you were passionate about and you’re still thinking about it. So, what if you did pursue it? 

Well, how did you rank? Five out of five? Only one? Don’t worry – no-one's keeping score.

So what now?

Maybe you need a little more time to investigate possible destinations before making any concrete decisions. Or maybe you want to talk to someone about where your career to get another perspective.

Organisations like Rest Less and 55 Redefined provide inspiration and advice for those over 50 and considering a second career. Squiggly Careers is a popular podcast that shares useful career advice – whatever age you are. 

Or if you think that teaching is one of your options, arrange a call with one of our Career Change Specialists. They can help you think about where you are and what your next step might be.

Deepak Swaroop spoke to one of our Specialists after he left his role as an Automation Central Lead to teach teenagers maths. He shares the moment he realised he needed a career change: 

"I was standing in front of investors and making a pitch for my start-up. I felt bored of the same old, having pitched for numerous business cases it seemed like I was repeating myself only for some possible funding. I needed more excitement and fun."

Is changing career to teaching for me? 

If you're certain that change is on the cards, then teaching should be a contender for your second career career.

You have mountains of experience to share and young people can only benefit from having a knowledgeable teacher with experience in another sector.

Here’s a quick checklist to see if teaching is right for you... 

  • You’re already a leader: you spend more time coaching and mentoring younger colleagues. People say how much they learn from you. 

  • You’ve got experience: your skills and experience will make your teaching relevant to students. To set them on a career path they would never have considered. 

  • You’re ready to be brave: a career change in your 50s isn’t for the faint-hearted. But as the old saying goes, with great risk comes great reward. 

Your experience is valuable and can impact young people – and we’re here to support you. 

Speak to one of our Career Change Specialists now.