ITV News talks to Now Teachers

Two career-changing teachers talk to ITV News about their new role in the classroom and why a second career in teaching was just what they were looking for.

2 mins

3/18/2024 9:54:50 AM
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Chris Goode and Charles Allen both had successful careers - and decided they wanted something new. They talked to ITV News about their previous careers and their new work as secondary school teachers.

Charles says: "If I look back and think could I have been a teacher when I was 30? No way - I wasn't ready. But now it feels like the next building block for my career."

Asked what it was like on his first day of teacher training, Chris grins. "Terrifying! But the joy on their faces as they realise that physics can be fun - what more reward can you get than that?"

Reflecting on the bigger education picture, Graihagh Crawshaw-Sadler, Now Teach CEO, says: "There are more children and that means we need more teachers. If there are people looking at a second or third career, now is the time that you can make a big difference. Do get in touch."

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Read how Chris became Head of Physics with the help of Now Teach's expert advisors.

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