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Now Teach attracts, supports and helps retain experienced people to become teachers. We work with training providers, schools and other education organisations to ensure that career changers can make a unique impact on young people's education and careers.

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6/28/2022 1:56:14 PM
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Attract, Support, Retain

Now Teach is the professional network for career changers to teaching.

We are a charity with funding from the the Department for Education and philanthropic donations, so there are no costs to partners or Network members.

Our mission is to bring experienced people into teaching and make it more likely that they'll qualify and stay in the profession.

Last year, over 3,000 people from across England contacted Now Teach about becoming a teacher.

Our data show that we are attracting people who hadn't previously considered teaching or we are making aspiring teachers more confident to make the transition.

"Without Now Teach I don't think I would have started the process. It looked so daunting. They made it seem like, ‘Yes, it is difficult, but we will help you.’”
Now Teacher, Cohort 2021

Trainees who join our Network have hundreds of career-changing peers to call on for advice, increasing their chances of success and staying in the profession.

We also offer fully-funded career-change support during the ITT year and their first year as an ECT.

More Now Teach trainees stay in teaching compared to the national average. 

- 92.5% of Now Teachers who get QTS are still teaching one year later
- 85.4% is the national average in England 

Our work complements the existing support from schools and training providers, and creates a bespoke training programme for your career-changing trainees.


We work with HEIs and SCITTs and support secondary trainees working towards QTS (with and without PGCE awards), on tuition fee, salaried and apprenticeship routes.

Now Teach are a national charity working with ITT providers and secondary schools in England. There are no contracts in our partnerships.

For further information, please contact: Jo Holmes, Partnership Lead.

Why work with us?

Training Providers

 Career changers who are part of the Now Teach Network are more likely to qualify and stay in teaching. 

 By becoming a Now Teach training provider partner, you can also:

  • Reach a new pool of quality candidates
  • Offer additional bespoke support to your career changing trainees
  • Join a network of ITT providers sharing best practice on training career changers

 Working as partners means we will:

  • Work together to understand each other’s offer
  • Signpost high-quality candidates to each other
  • Share events and recruitment activity with each other’s networks
  • Keep in regular contact to share insight
  • Receive regular updates and our termly magazine

Get in touch to find out more.

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Now Teachers are more likely to stay in teaching for the long term thanks to our support and the impact of the Now Teach Network.

By becoming a Now Teach school partner:

• We can place Now Teach candidates to train in your school
• We can promote teaching vacancies for free to our Network of qualified teachers with experience in other sectors
• You’ll have access to the skills, expertise and career experience of the hundreds of career changers in our Network
• You’ll be join a wider network of schools and MATs sharing knowledge and expertise about how to support career changers in teaching.

Get in touch to find out more.


Working with other education organisations

We work a range of other organisations aligned with our goal of recruiting and retaining experienced people who can bring new insights into schools.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can support each other's work.

“Our three Now Teachers are valued members of the school community.  We are delighted with the positive impact they are having on their students, and the wider school.”

Robert Peal, Joint Headteacher at West London Free School

Lots of people are thinking about changing career to teaching and we want to attract even more of them – we’ve received over 5,000 expressions of interest over the past five years.

We are working towards a day when it’s normal for people to become teachers mid-career, bringing greater diversity of experience into schools