Why Retrain To Teach?

Teachers have the opportunity to inspire young people and give them a good start in life. Now Teachers are all using their experience to make that opportunity a reality.

As a career-changer, you can bring your hard-earned experience, skills and networks into the classroom to make a real difference in the lives of your students.

6/29/2022 11:55:02 AM
Maths Teachers Now Teach

Why career change matters

Changing career is the future of work.

We are staying healthy and working for longer, which gives us opportunities to explore different career paths and learn new things.

Career changers who retrain as teachers can make a huge impact. They might have fewer working years than a graduate but their professional nous can make a real difference on young people's lives.

Now Teach helps people make teaching their second career, meaning more students can be taught by a knowledgeable and experienced career changer.

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Why career-changing teachers matter

Teachers change lives. They show up every day and help young people learn new things: about their subject, about the world, about potential careers and about becoming an adult.

Teachers who have had successful professional lives before teaching bring a range of valuable experiences that will help students and schools.

The vast majority of the people we work with agree that Now Teachers’ previous careers add value to pupils’ education, enhance their lessons, and inspire them to previously unknown careers. 

The students won't thank you every day but when they do, it will really matter.

From a Year 10 maths student:

Good morning, Sir, I hope you are doing well.

I firstly must thank you for your motivational and powerful words you have spoken to me ever since you have stepped into this school, and I must thank you for giving me opportunities through the school’s careers and top talent programme.

You are the few people who have not limited what I can achieve in life despite my upbringing, and I am very grateful as you have changed my perception and views of what I can now achieve in life.

Thank you.

Teaching is exciting. It is your opportunity to give something back and help young people in your area develop. We can help you do that.