Becoming a teacher at 62 was the best thing

I was 60 when I retired and knew I had made a mistake. I wanted to do something purposeful.

I wanted to give something back. My first love was maths and sciences and I thought about my school days. There were two teachers who really changed who I was. I was difficult at school and they helped me in lots of different ways. I wouldn't have had the career I had without them.

12/1/2023 3:23:49 PM
Times Radio Interview Lucy Kellaway YT

Empty-nesters and those who took early retirement are among those entering a new profession

Excerpts from: The Sunday Times, Meet the Un-Retired 

You can’t teach an old dog new tricks but you can create a new teacher out of an old-timer.

The recently-retired are firmly in the sights of Now Teach, a charity that aims to tackle the teacher recruitment crisis by persuading middle-aged professionals to switch careers.

Ministers want to lure early retirees back to work in light of a House of Lords report last year that stated the practice was the biggest contributor to economic inactivity in the UK.

A return from the golf course to the classroom is the latest strategy of Now Teach, which offers a recruitment and support programme for experienced professionals to retrain as teachers. The average age of its teachers is 49, with such employees boasting 25 years of previous experience in the workplace.

Many of its first “unretired” recruits are training in subjects that are experiencing shortages, particularly the sciences and modern languages.

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