How to
change career

Changing career means diving into a new culture, so it's vital to prepare. The most important thing is to spend time in schools and see what it's like to work with young people.

Peter Watson PE

Why changing career matters

Every day teachers inspire young people. Career changing teachers also have their unique experience that can make a real impact on young people's learning and their career aspirations.

Why retrain to teach?
Linda Teaching Pupils

What Are Schools Like?

Now Teachers say spending time in school was the most important step in their decision to become a teacher. We can help you visit a school and find out what it’s really like when the bell rings.

Getting school experience
Karin Inside Classroom


Changing career has lots of unknowns. For aspiring teachers, that can include what schools and young people are really like. Becoming a tutor will give you direct experience of teaching young people and is one of the best ways to know if teaching is right for you.

Edwige Classroom

Education: The Bigger Picture

The education sector is a huge sector. There are many different voices, opinions and methods, all of which can be explored in your new career. We have gathered some initial resources to get to grip with the sector.

Education: the bigger picture
Ciara and Stephanie
“Always available and always reaching out, my Programme Manager gave me endlessly good advice and contacts. They took the trouble to get to know me really well, and knew what would suit me and what would not. An emotionally intelligent team: caring, funny and wise!”

Ciara Brown, Cohort 2018