Career Change
with Now Teach

Our job is to help you become a great teacher: we'll help you to find a course, to complete your training and to find your first job. Our expertise and support means that Now Teachers are more likely to stay in teaching than other career changers.

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The Career Change Programme

As the only organisation dedicated to attracting, recruiting, and retaining career-changers into teaching we have developed this into a dedicated and specialist offer. Our unique approach means that Now Teachers have a higher retention rate than the national average. Trainees join our network prior to their training year commencing in September.

Now Teach work with you, your training provider and your school. Our role is to provide specific career-changer specific guidance to improve training experiences and outcomes. We do not provide your teacher training, instead we enhance it.

In your first two years, our job is to develop you as an individual to master the new challenges and thrive in your new profession. We have built up expertise in what specific support, guidance and events career-changers need.

As a Now Teacher, you will have access to a Programme Manager. They will help you to access the full package of bespoke development opportunities available to you as well as being your first point of contact at Now Teach.

From one-to-one advice to tailored events and resources that reinforce your development as a career-changer, the programme complements your teacher training and first year as an Early Career Teacher (ECT). We’re here to help you make the best possible transition to your new career.

The Now Teach Network

The Now Teach Network is the member-led community of Now Teachers.

You can engage with our activities as a career-changer trainee teacher. You will build relationships with other Now Teachers, particularly those in your cohort year, and become a part of the community. Our two-year programme provides you with opportunities to engage as a Network member. You'll understand better how to add value to your schools and make a difference.

The Network is committed to using their skills and experiences from a diverse range of sectors to benefit schools and students who need them most and bring them to the education sector.

13th June 2024

The September 2024 start deadline for Now Teach applicants without an ITT placement is 13th June.

Our unique approach and support means that Now Teachers have a higher retention rate than the national average

Key considerations

Our Career Change Programme and Network will ensure you can make a real difference to the lives of young people and to your community. We can help you find out if teaching is for you.