What to think about before changing career to teaching

There are a lot of important factors to consider before starting your career change to teaching. Career Change Specialist, Rachael, lists the main things you need to think about and how Now Teach can help you with these.

2 mins

10/27/2023 12:17:51 PM
Now Teachers Conference 2023

You stumbled across Now Teach (hurrah) and are now curious about a career as a teacher (even better). 

So, what now? Thinking. Lots of thinking. But don’t worry, Career Change Specialist, Rachael, has listed exactly what you need to think about... 


What subject are you passionate about and why? Do you hold a qualification in your chosen subject? Our advisors can help you figure out which subject you want to teach, if you’re eligible for it and even suggest subjects based on your career experience. 

More about choosing your subject.


Are you in a financial position to become a student again? If not, what do you need to do to get there? There are various courses available, including part-time or full-time. Our advisors can talk through your funding options and advise which is best depending on your subject and desired course. 

More about teacher training finances.


Where do you want to train and why? If you’re a parent, it might be important to be local for school drop-offs and pick-ups. Or are you relocating? If so, it’s important to explore training providers in that area. Our advisors can inform you of the partners in your chosen area and advise which might suit you. 

More about where to train.


Do you have the right qualifications to teach in the UK? If you have overseas qualifications or you yourself are from overseas and looking to relocate to the UK, it's a good time to explore visas. 

Our advisors can put you in contact with an organisation that can help you compare qualifications, explain the eligibility criteria to you, and explore options like equivalency tests. 

More about teacher training eligibility.


Now Teach are here to talk you through each of these, helping you make informed decisions so you can move forward to the application stage.  

The earlier you register, the better. Find out why.

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