Now Teach faces DfE cuts but our work continues

Now Teach CEO, Graihagh Crawshaw-Sadler, shares news of our funding situation and how this may affect our work. Applications remain open for September 2024.

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4/26/2024 12:08:45 PM
Applications Still Open

I am sharing the disappointing news that the DfE is no longer planning to fund a new Career Change Programme contract which Now Teach is currently responsible for delivering.

We are still recruiting our Cohort 2024 and will provide them with support through their first two years in schools, while also continuing to support our current trainees and ECTs, and developing the national Now Teach Network.

Without new funding Now Teach cannot recruit any more experienced people to change career and become teachers beyond this September.


This will deprive many young people of an education enhanced by Now Teachers’ industry insight, technical expertise and life experience. There are millions of people out there who might have changed career to become great teachers – and we think they are less likely to do so without Now Teach.

The lack of government funding for Now Teach also risks losing the wider work the charity has done to champion teaching as a second career.

Last year saw a national 15% growth in the number of over 40s starting to train to teach and, in this year’s recruitment cycle so far, the over 40s are up 50% on last year.


The DfE has been clear that this decision was not related to the quality of the Now Teach Programme or its impact.

There are budget cuts across the sector and we are unfortunately part of those.

We have been told the department is still interested in prioritising career changers in the future - and they are right to do so.


When we started out it was rare for experienced professionals to transition to teaching. Our founders, Katie and Lucy were adamant that, with the right support, this community would become a valuable new segment in the teaching workforce.

As the data shows, they were right.

Teacher recruitment and retention are critical priorities for the state education sector. England needs an organisation with expertise in bringing career changers into classrooms and supporting them to have a positive impact on students, schools and the wider system - and we believe this should be funded by government.


The trustees and the Now Teach team are working to find funds to bridge this period and we will be working closely with our partners and funders to find the right next steps. If you would like to be part of this work, please let us know.

In a worst case scenario, without further funding, this would be our last cohort.

But our work continues. 

Graihagh Crawshaw-Sadler
Now Teach CEO

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