Now I’m Grown Up

From chief executives to world-class journalists, more and more professionals are trading in their offices for the classroom. Now I’m Grown Up, a new podcast series, finds out why.

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On each episode, host Jenni Murray invites those that have swapped the office for the classroom to discuss their motivations and experiences, and tackles some of the big topics in education with an expert panel.

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Jenni Murray and Lucy Kellaway on starting over

In this final episode in our series, Jenni and Lucy open up about their shared experience of saying goodbye to the institutions that defined them, and tell us honestly whether they wish they'd done it sooner.

Introducing Now I'm Grown Up

Now Teach finds and supports career changers in teaching. Now Teachers bring a range of backgrounds and quality experience to the education system. What they share is a passion to do something new, which is challenging and makes a difference to young people. Now Teachers want to give something back to their communities.

The 100-Year Life

The way we live now wasn’t designed for a 100-year life span. But that’s set to become the norm for children born today, and the well-established pathway of education-work-retirement is starting to crumble.

What You Give And What You Get

We all know the key ingredients to a long and healthy life: good genes, good luck, healthy food, regular exercise. And according to many studies, a sense of purpose should be high up that list too. But over a 100-year life span, how do we make sure our sense of purpose doesn’t run out?

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I chose Now Teach because why wouldn’t you? I had the choice of going it alone or having someone to provide bespoke support and a community

Razi Hassan, physics teacher and former investment banker