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Which subject to teach? Am I eligible to train? How do bursaries work? Our expert, honest, insightful team guide your career change, bringing you up to speed on what you need to know to access teacher training.

New Professional Network

Our network is designed to support your transition to your new career. Now Teachers gain access to a unique network of experienced, talented individuals from over 25 industries, collectively with 4200 years of experience.

Impact in Education

Now Teachers are career changers who join the profession with purpose. Through relationships with training providers and a bespoke support package we enable individuals to create long-term impact in school using their knowledge and skills.

Flexible Working

We are fully behind the agenda of flexible working within teaching. Many of our Now Teachers work flexibly on qualification or when they first start training.


Now Teach is a charity that focuses primarily on shortage subjects: science, maths, IT and modern foreign languages. We partner with schools, universities and training providers, support career changers and connect them with a strong professional network to amplify impact and accelerate progress.

In five years, Now Teach has recruited over 500 people who have trained as teachers with 70+ different teacher training providers. Now Teach’s network and support has enabled Now Teachers to innovate in secondary schools, bring their experience from industry and apply it in the classroom. 

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“I chose Now Teach because why wouldn’t you? I had the choice of going it alone or having someone to provide bespoke support and a community.”

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Find out more about Now Teach by attending an information event near you.

Information Evening

12 January 2022

Whether you have just started to consider career change or already know that Now Teach is right for you, come and hear from career changers who have already made the step into teaching.

You will also receive a 1-1 call after the event so you have the chance to ask our knowledgeable staff your own questions.

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