Sylvia Harris McCoy Spoke to BBC 5Live About What It Is Like To Start Teacher Training

After retiring, Sylvia Harris McCoy reflected on her career and the key role her maths teacher had played.

Recorded in September and October 2023

10/11/2023 3:17:23 PM
BBC Radio 5 Interview #1 Sylvia Harris Mccoy YT

Returning To Work

She spoke to @bbc5live about her decision to unretire - and retrain as a teacher.

"I had an exceptional maths teacher. I owe her my entire career. I don’t come from a privileged background but I’ve been able to give my children more than I ever had, purely because of that teacher.

"After retiring, I realised I could do that for somebody else."

Interview Prior To Teacher Training

Second Interview After Sylvia's First Day