Network Events: Classroom Surgeries and Subject Hubs

Our Programme team run events for the Network that provide tips for their classroom practice and support their thinking on how to use their experience.

2 mins

2/21/2023 5:29:12 PM
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Classroom Surgeries

These sessions are new to our offer this year and we’ve also run them on Saturdays to ensure as many Now Teachers can join us as possible.

They offer a friendly space for career changers to bring their questions, queries and concerns to for support and are facilitated by Karl C Pupé, author of “The Action Hero Teacher: Classroom Management Made Simple”. 

89% of attendees say their confidence increased after the surgery.

It was fantastic.  These surgeries are one of the most valuable aspects of being a NT trainee so more please!” - Katey Adderly, Cohort 2022 

Subject Hubs

Our subject hubs offer the opportunity for the Network to come together and share their resources and approaches to enriching lessons, with an onus on bringing in their past careers and experience.  

In February our Maths hub was led by Charlie Gilderdale, Secondary Coordinator, Nrich and explored how to build resilient maths students.

Our Computer Science hub was led by Jon Gibson, Learning Officer from Bletchley Park with a focus on data protection:

That was the single best online event I have ever attended in the education sector.  Jon Gibson was brilliant and inspirational about an issue that we're all thinking about.  For me, how he addressed addressing Data Protection with our students is the best I've seen” - Michael Schaefer, Cohort 2021