Black History Month: Shaping the Curriculum Beyond October

If you’re an aspiring teacher, take a look at the different ways that Black History Month can shape the curriculum across a range of subjects. 

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10/18/2023 2:13:29 PM
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Black History Month is an important part of a diverse curriculum – and one of its goals is to have an impact beyond history and October. This year, Black History Month is celebrating the remarkable contributions of Black British women, 'Saluting Our Sisters’ 

This blog explores the different ways that Black History Month can shape the curriculum across a range of subjects. 


Black History Month and Mathematics 

“A lot of people don’t see these people working in those industries, and so they don’t believe they can do it themselves.” 

Maths teacher & communicator, Susan Okereke, spoke to Pearson about the importance of diverse role models in maths education. She’s passionate about breaking stereotypes and showcasing a wide range of role models, inspiring both students and aspiring teachers to follow in their footsteps. 

Susan wants people to think past the stereotype of the white older male in the lecture hall whenever they contemplate Maths. You can find more about her insights on LinkedIn or Twitter. 


Black History Month and Science 

“British-Jamaican nurse Mary Seacole, also played a prominent role in the history of medicine (saving victims of the cholera epidemic), and after being somewhat lost to history, has been reclaimed as an eminent public figure.”   

The Royal Society's online exhibit, 'A Celebration of Black Science', offers valuable resources and information, shining a light on unrecorded Black British women who made remarkable contributions to science. 


Black History Month and English Literature 

“Submit a poem about a pioneering black woman who has made an impact in their chosen field, explaining why she is an inspiration to you. They don’t have to be about famous people; they can be about members of your family, women who have inspired you in your community, or even about you and your experiences as a woman or young person.” 

This year's Black History Month features a poetry competition, fostering creativity and recognising the significant impact of black women in a range of areas. A great reflective writing opportunity for students or teachers! 

Additionally, organisations like the National Literacy Trust and Twinkl provide engaging lesson resources to celebrate Black History Month in English literature classes. 


Black History Month and History 

“For example, you can easily use diary entities and letters from Black soldiers serving in WWI regarding their experiences of the trenches alongside sources from white soldiers.” 

Teach Wire shares advice from a history teacher, on how to move beyond the annual assembly about figures like Martin Luther King. 

BBC Teach also provides a collection of video resources giving an idea of how primary and secondary schools can explore black history, culture and achievements. 


Black History Month offers an excellent opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse history of Black individuals and their contributions to various fields.  

As educators, it's essential to integrate these narratives into the classroom all year round, fostering a curriculum that truly reflects our society.  

We hope that the resources and insights above will help teachers to celebrate Black History Month in their subjects, for and beyond October, shaping more inclusive education for students.


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