Kick-start your career change to teaching: Why starting early is best

Applying for teacher training isn’t the same as applying for a job in your existing sector. Time is the best thing to have on your side. Here's why registering early with Now Teach is beneficial in kick-starting your career change to teaching.

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10/27/2023 12:36:23 PM
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You’ve thought about all the factors involved in changing careers to teaching. 

Now it’s time to act. Register with Now Teach and reap the benefits.  

Why, you ask? Because applying for teacher training isn’t the same as applying for a job in your existing sector, and time is the best thing to have on your side.  

Career Change Specialist, Rachael, explains why registering with Now Teach early gives you the best possible opportunity to identify and secure the course that’s right for you.  


Why should I register with Now Teach as soon as possible?  

Initial Teacher Training (ITT) providers are now accepting applications for a September start next year, and although this seems far away, it catches you quickly! 

Registering early with Now Teach and applying for a training course soon will significantly increases your chances of securing the right course for you. It also gives us plenty of time to equip you with the confidence to smash your interviews. 

Here’s why getting started early matters: 

1. More likely to train near your home : Applying early significantly boosts the likelihood of securing a spot at a local training provider, reducing your commute, making you more familiar with the local community and simplifying your transition into teaching. 

2. Improved part-time training options: Part-time training slots are limited due to school timetabling. pressures. Applying early increases your chances of securing a part-time placement, if that aligns with your career change plans. 

3. Time to explore your options: Early application provides ample time to visit and meet with local training providers and find out about their courses. This enables you to ask important questions and ensure your chosen provider aligns with your goals and the way you want to train to teach. 

4. Demonstrating your subject experience : If you're considering training in a subject where you don't have all the formal qualifications but do have significant experience, more time will give you more options. Early conversations with training providers will increase your prospects of being accepted based on your  experience and enthusiasm.

5. Completing a subject knowledge enhancement course: Your may need to complete a Subject Knowledge Enhancement (SKE) course before you can train - and they can run for up to 28 weeks. By applying early, you gain more time to refresh and enhance your subject knowledge, ensuring you're well-prepared for teacher training.

6. Time to get all your qualifications: If you don't have the necessary GCESs, early application provides more time to complete an equivalency tests and any additional requirements, making sure you can follow a pathway into the teaching profession even with a different academic background.


How do Now Teach help? 

We're committed to making your transition into teaching as seamless as possible. From making informed decisions to acing your ITT interviews and becoming part of a supportive community, we are here to guide you at every turn.  

1. Insight to help your planning
It's essential to determine if teaching is the right path for you. Early registration with Now Teach lets you explore the various courses that align with your passion, finances, and qualifications. 

We’ll help you assess if you’re eligible and whether it's the right time for you to start teacher training. We can also advise if acquiring school experience or enhancing your subject knowledge would be beneficial beforehand. 

2. Provide application guidance
Once you've decided to embark on your teaching journey, our team of specialists can help you fine-tune your teacher training application. Early registration allows for careful preparation and feedback from our team, ensuring your application is strong and compelling. 

This includes proofreading your personal statement and offering valuable suggestions for improvements. We can also assist you in navigating the Department for Education (DfE) application website and answering any questions you may have along the way. 

3. Help prepare for interviews 
As interviews for Initial Teacher Training (ITT) can be quite different from typical job interviews, preparation time is key. Early registration with Now Teach maximises the time we have with you and ensures you have the confidence and skills needed to excel in these interviews. 

If you've never planned a lesson before or haven't been in a classroom since your school days, our support with this is invaluable.  

4. Connect with other career changers
Upon successfully securing a teacher training place, you become a member of the Now Teach Network. This gives you access to a wealth of resources, ongoing support, and a valuable community of over 800+ career changers who have already navigated the process.  

Early registration with Now Teach also means you can ask your dedicated Career Change Specialist questions before you start training, ensuring you have someone on hand at all time. 


In summary, early registration is a strategic move with numerous benefits.

It boosts the likeliness of acceptance into your preferred subject, allows thorough preparation, and provides ample time for question-asking and negotiating training opportunities.  

Take the first step toward your teaching career by registering early with Now Teach. 

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