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Now Teach is here to share key insights into how to change career successfully, what teaching is like and the value that Now Teachers bring.

Karin Outside



Now Teach is an education charity for people who have had a successful career and now want to use their experience to make a difference by becoming teachers. People who join our Network often have decades of experience and come from a range of sectors. 

We help career changers by advising them on which teacher training place to choose and providing support through initial teacher training and beyond.

We also invite Now Teachers to join our Network - a national community of like-minded peers with similar backgrounds. This helps to smooth the transition into teaching and accelerates their progress in the profession.

This ongoing support, coaching, training sessions and our Network is designed to amplify impact and accelerate progress as second career teachers.

A great education is a vital part of a young person's life and schools are constantly working to make sure their students learn and thrive. There is always a need for great teachers who can make a difference.

This is particularly important for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds, who are less likely to get the grades that lead to a job with good prospects or university. 

At the same time, our lives are growing longer. Many experienced and highly skilled professionals are looking for new and rewarding challenges for the next stage in their working lives. We know some of these people want to teach.

In the past, many career-changers moving into teaching have found the transition tough and have left the profession after only a few years. We are changing that.

Now Teach helps career-changers successfully retrain to become great teachers, helping them secure a training place, and then supporting them to stay in the profession for the long-term.

Now Teach provides career changers with a tailor-made support programme, including a new professional network of other career-changers, to amplify their impact and accelerate progress.

We want changing career later in life to become a normal, unexceptional step. We want talented people to bring their skills and insights into the teaching environment and, over time, use their experience to contribute to wider improvements in education.

The is our term of participants working with us whilst they retrain. Now Teachers have typically held senior positions or been technical specialists and are now looking to use their skills and experience to make a difference in the classroom – whilst training to become a teacher. Now Teachers are a diverse group who are all seeking a new challenge. They want to share a love of their subject and their life experiences to help realise their students’ potential.