Is a career change what you need?

Find out how you can plan a career change, if you have key transferable skills, and how you can play a part in solving a national crisis.

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11/24/2022 2:40:00 PM
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The world has experienced a lot of changes this year. David Bowie couldn’t have said it better himself...

On that note, are you ready to turn and face the strange? Is a career change what you need? 

Keep on reading if you want to find out how to plan a career change, if you have transferable key skills, and how you can help to solve the national teacher shortage.

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Learn how to plan a career change 

Career transitions are like onions, according to Utkarsh Amitabh’s article in the Harvard Business Review. They’re tough, multi-layered, and can make you cry. (We added that last one).  

Moving from an established career to a new one requires careful planning and thinking through the why, the what, and the when. 

  1. Why do you want to change? Do you want to give something back and use your experience to help the next generation?
  2. What do you want to do? Do you want to work with young people and get back to coalface to do something useful every day?
  3. When will the change happen? Do you want to start exploring it right now? 

Uktarsh has a range of tips, including writing your own future autobiography (a bit niche) to creating a back-up plan (solid). So, if you keep coming back to teaching or working with young people, then let Now Teach act as a sounding board. 


Find out if you have these key transferrable skills 

In this TEDx Talk, Pierre Pirard (a former CEO turned teacher) suggests that highly effective teachers are naturally strong leaders with the following skills:

  • Believe they can achieve great results and inspire others to believe they can too 
  • Set goals and make these an everyday priority  
  • Plan carefully and purposefully to achieve their goal

Sound like you? Maybe you have a career in teaching ahead of you…

Help solve the national teacher shortage

Experienced teacher, author, and Now Teach co-founder, Katie Waldegrave, believes that now is the time to teach, not retire. She spoke with The Retirement Podcast about changing career and retirement patterns in today’s world. Watch the full interview or listen to the podcast.


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