When the first cohort of Now Teachers enrolled in 2017, Lucy Kellaway and Katie Waldegrave told them they had joined a movement.

Now Teach Graduation 2019
Katie and Lucy

About the Now Teach Network 

Our founders, Lucy Kellaway and Katie Waldegrave believed then what all of us at Now Teach still know to be true: individual Now Teachers in schools are a wonderful thing, but the community of Now Teachers has the potential to make serious improvements to the whole sector. Together they add up to more than the sum of their parts.  

Already we see this happening. In 2016 it was almost unheard of for a senior professional of a certain age to start all over again as a teacher – and if they did their chances of staying in the profession were low. Now it is a far more acceptable choice and we are proud of the retention figures of Now Teachers.

Even more exciting is what is happening now that the first cohorts are more experienced teachers. The Now Teach movement is beginning to have an impact and the possibilities are endless.  

We are beginning to get a sense of what could happen when a group of ex-HR professionals or accountants or marketing executives share their experiences of school processes. Or when former filmmakers, laboratory scientists and chefs look at school curricula. Or how Now Teachers can collaborate with younger peers to change school culture. 

To this end we are working hard, supported by experts in community building including inHive, to ensure that the Network of Now Teachers remain as connected as possible to one another. The job of the Now Teachers is to work to the vision which they have created; our job is to facilitate, enable and amplify the work they do. 

Network Vision – as created by Now Teachers 

The Now Teach Network is a community of teachers who bring collective skills and experiences from a diverse range of sectors into schools and classrooms, brought together by Now Teach. It strives to augment young people’s access to superb education and inspire them through Now Teachers’ experiences of and exposure to the real world.  

The Network wants to help young people be ready for work and life after school. It wants to bring its understanding of other workplace practices to the education sector to enrich the school system.   

As the Network together they: 

  • Enable Now Teachers to thrive as career-changers in their teaching and to navigate their new lives in schools and classrooms; they will celebrate, commiserate, telling their stories and building supportive relationships  
  • Solve problems together, pool what they learn – their ideas and practices – to help them become the best teachers possible  
  • Work together to fully harness their skills, experiences, and networks from their old careers to their new ones for the benefit of the students who need it most.  
  • Use their collective voice, skills, experiences, and networks to improve workplace practices at school for teachers, parents, and school leaders alike. 

Get in touch 

Want to find out more about the Now Teach Network or have ideas for working with our Network contact us: network@nowteach.org.uk