Already A Teacher Or Want To Return To Teach?

Are you a former teacher wanting to get back into the classroom? Are you a current teacher looking for your next role? Are you part of our network, no longer teaching and want to teach again?

Sadly, you can only join our network when you start your initial teacher training, but we can recommend some great organisations who can help with your new step. Were you part of our network when you trained? Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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Wellbeing, Coaching and Support

Don't qualify for Now Teach? Education Support's mission is to improve the mental health and well-being of teachers and education staff. They believe that better mental health leads to better education.

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Teaching Jobs


Eteach was formed in the belief that recruiting excellent teachers for schools and their students will result in improved learning, more time for leaders to lead and happier schools.

Eteach helps education professionals find their next role easily giving free and immediate access to the latest jobs in Education.

Teaching Vacancies

Teaching Vacancies is the government’s free, national job listing service for the teaching profession. 

Search for teaching, school leadership and education support jobs in England. You can also apply for jobs, set up job alerts and read advice for jobseekers.


The TES started out in print more than 100 years ago as The Times Educational Supplement. Fast forward to today and they've grown in partnership with teachers and schools around the world to become one of the largest, professional digital communities, connecting and supporting more than 13 million educators globally.


Don't want to be a classroom teacher but still want to teach? Tutoring may be for you. Action Tutoring is a charity that supports disadvantaged young people to achieve academically, with a view to enabling them to progress in education, employment or training.

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Return To Teach

Around 8,000 people every year return to teaching after a break. The fact of the matter is that the experience you have is still valuable, and a return to the career can be a quick process.

Key resource: Get Into Teaching

If you’re thinking of returning to the classroom, now could be a great time. After a period of disruption for so many pupils, you could help those most affected to get back on track. 

Are you a Now Teacher no longer teaching?

When you became a Now Teacher we made a commitment to help you become the teacher you want to be. We want as many talented, brilliant people in the classroom as possible. If you have taught, left the profession, and want to return to teach, we are committed to working with you and getting you back into the classroom.

The best person to speak to would be your Programme Manager who will be able to coach, guide and recommend some options. Not sure who to speak to? Email us and we can help.

Top Tips For Returning To Teach