What Are Schools Like?

You may not have spent much time in a school since you were a teenager, so getting an idea of what state secondary schools are like is really important.

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7/5/2022 12:02:20 PM
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What are schools like?

Everything you need to know about teaching

This is a really helpful and concise introduction to the English school system from academies to qualifications by the education world’s weekly newspaper, TES.

A Working Life: The Secondary School Teacher

Insightful view into the ups and downs of a day in a science classroom full of teenagers.

The School Day

Now Teachers describe their busy day around the school as career-change trainees.

Clips from BBC documentary ‘School’

Now Teachers were full of praise for this. The full series is not available right now but clips from each episode give a good introduction.

Educating Essex, Yorkshire, Greater Manchester and the East End

Very different from ‘School’ in tone, while still giving a full picture of school life and working with teenagers across England.

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