Applying For
Teaching Training

Our job is to help you become a great teacher: we'll help you to find a course, complete your training training and get your first job.

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Changing career to teaching

There’s a lot to consider if you are thinking about becoming a teacher, so we’ve gathered the key information together. There are many teacher training courses to choose from. If your questions aren’t answered here, please get in touch with our expert careers team who will be happy to provide advice.

Career change with Now Teach
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Why career change matters

As a career-changer, you can bring your hard-earned experience, skills and networks into the classroom to make a real difference in the lives of your students. Your experience counts.

Why career change matters
"Now Teach were constantly available. They assured me I could teach, helped me to prepare for my interview, and especially supported me through those first few months of training. There were moments I didn't think I could do it but I had incredible support from my mentor at school, Now Teach, and my training provider."

Sameera Asad Cooper, 2022