Where can I train?

Deciding on a training course that suits you and finding a school that's close to home is vital. Wherever you live in England, we can help you make choices that will set you up for a great training year.

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Over the past five years, we have guided over 800 people to change career across England. 

Our knowledge of teacher training and our range of training partners means we can help  find the course that’s right for you. 

Where you should train

Now Teach career changers choose where they train - we don't place you where you don't want to go. Our job is to help you make confident decisions by providing information and insight into what teacher training is like.

We always recommend you train with a provider in your immediate area. Beyond that, we'll help identify the kind of training course you want and the kind of school you'd like to train in. 

Once you've been accepted on training course, we then get you ready for starting school and work with your training provider as you train.

The schools we work with

Now Teach works with state secondary schools, with many of them serving disadvantaged young people and their communities.

We also know which schools have previously worked with career changers or have Now Teachers still working in them. Training in these schools means you'll immediately have people that understand what it's like to change career to teaching.

Choosing a training school 

There's a few things to work out before choosing where to train and our Career Change Specialists will help you make your decision here.

One thing is very simple though: the journey time to your school should be no more than 45 minutes.

Your time and your energy are hugely important as you change career and retrain. Teachers need to be at school on time every day, especially when they have responsibility for a class.

A long journey twice a day is not a good use of your energy.

When selecting your school, consider if there are multiple routes to the school in case your usual one is blocked? Do you have different options for public transport?

Working this out will reduce stress on the days when things don’t go according to plan.

The Department for Education website has a tool where you can search for providers by distance from your home: https://www.gov.uk/find-postgraduate-teacher-training-courses