Already Found a Training Place?

Inspired by Now Teach and already found a training place? We can still help make your career change a real success.

Start by downloading our essential guide to teacher training for career changers: Prepare for Takeoff.

6/29/2022 12:23:25 PM
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Did Now Teach or our co-founder Lucy Kellaway inform your decision to become a teacher? Have you secured a training place on your own? You can still join us.

Download our career change guide: Prepare for Takeoff

Make sure you go into school well-prepared: read our essential guide to changing career to teaching.

Sign-up for Prepare for Takeoff: How career changers can get ready for Initial Teacher Training.

It's 16 pages of insight based on supporting over 400 career changers.

As a charity helping people change career to become teachers, we created 'Prepare for Takeoff' to share what we've learned with other career changers.

  • Understand how schools have changed since you were young
  • Find the right mindset as you change to something entirely new 
  • Look after your well-being during a year with lots of challenge

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Now Teach: join a career change network

You may have seen one of our articles in the press, have followed Lucy Kellaway’s story, or heard about Now Teach from a training provider. You might have even talked to one of our advisers.

If you’ve already found a training placement, you can still join our Network of career changers and access our career-change support.

Read more about the Career Change Programme.

Our Career Change Programme is designed to make sure your new career gets off to a great start by offering you personalised support and a network of peers.

There's no additional work or requirements - we are here when you need us.

"Meeting other Now Teachers leaves you invigorated as you realise everyone’s dealing with some sort of challenge and we all swap experiences. I’ve made some good friends."
Emma Barker - Modern Foreign Languages

A Network for the long-term

If you join us, the Network of career changers will be your biggest support, providing insight and fellowship. We organise regular opportunities for you to share and connect with the rest of your cohort, providing time to reflect outside of your school and training provider.

Personalised support and development

We provide 1-1 support and events, complementing your Initial Teacher Training. Over the two years of the Career Change Programme, you will have a dedicated Programme Manager for 1-1 input, regular development events and access to coaches to help make your transition into teaching a success.

Read more about the Career Change Programme.

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How to become part of our career change Network

If you would like to find out more about our Network, just get in touch:

One of our experienced career change advisors we will be in touch to find out more about you, your past career and your training offer.

We may already be working with your training provider; if not, we will get in touch once you've joined to ensure that they and your school know you are part of the Now Teach Network.

You can still join our Network.