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Now Teach is a national charity that attracts people with significant work experience to teaching, and supports them during their training and beyond, so they stay in schools for the long term.   

There are no contracts or binding commitments in our partnerships, and we are funded by the Department for Education and philanthropic donations, so there are no costs either.

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Working in Partnership

The average Now Teacher brings 27 years of workplace experience and, through the Now Teach Network, has connections to other career changers from almost every sector imaginable, from aerospace to accounting and corporate law to catering. 

We look for people who have already had a successful career and can demonstrate the drive, resilience and enthusiasm to retrain as teachers and use their experience to benefit young people in state schools across England. 

We are open to all secondary subjects, while focussing our work on shortage subjects, including maths, science and languages.  

We give career-changers independent advice on how to apply for teacher training, and then provide support and our dedicated Network so they stay in teaching. 

More Now Teach trainees stay in teaching compared to the national average.  

  • 92.5% of Now Teachers who get QTS are still teaching one year later  
  • 85.4% is the national average in England  

For further information, please contact: Jo Holmes, Partnership Lead.

We attract great people to teaching

Candidates join Now Teach after we assess their motivation to teach, and their suitability for our support and Network.  

Successful applicants are matched with a knowledgeable Recruitment Advisor. Our Advisors ensure candidates are aware of the realities of school life; we encourage them to visit a school, read our school insight resources, and attend events to hear from trainees in the Now Teach Network.  

Recruitment Advisors also explain the various routes into teaching and the different providers in their area. When the candidate is ready, we support them with applications on DfE Apply or UCAS. 

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We support candidates through career change

We select people on their motivation to be a teacher and we leave the teacher training to you. 

Our job is to support them so their career transition is successful. This support runs alongside ITT and continues after they qualify, so they stay in teaching for the long term and can use their career experience to make a real impact. 

Anne Marie Lawlor led on career development across the Civil Service, and now heads up careers advice in her school. 

Howard Smith, former finance consultant, set up 11 work experience placements in banking, insurance and consultancy firms. 

  • Before starting to train, we help them begin the transition. We also offer a series of out-of-hours sessions with education experts, bringing them up-to-speed on the big issues in education. Read more about our support here. 
  • They have access to a Programme Manager who can liaise with their in-school mentor and training provider and provide additional support for any challenges they might face.   
  • They also join the Now Teach Network of career changers. Our recruits tell us that they apply to Now Teach because they want to be connected to people like them who are coming to teaching later in life, and to share experiences, challenges and solutions. The relationships formed in the Now Teach Network are a key part of their successful change career and as they gain experience as teachers.  

Now Teachers say we have made changing career and teacher training straightforward – and that we’ve helped a significant proportion stay in teaching. 


Read more about our support here


We want to be even more helpful

Every year we learn more about supporting career changers, and we want to work with you to make that even better.   

There are no contracts or binding commitments in our partnerships, and we are funded by the Department for Education and philanthropic donations, so there are no costs either.  

We care deeply about the impact that Now Teachers can have on young people, so we do ask is that you help us measure and evaluate our work. This means completing our surveys and giving us feedback on how we and Now Teachers are performing.   

We also ask that you register your trainees as members of Now Teach on the Department for Education’s ITT census, so our career changers can be included in national statistics. 

“Our three Now Teachers are valued members of the school community.  We are delighted with the positive impact they are having on their students, and the wider school.”

Robert Pearl, Joint Headteacher at West London Free School


Lots of people are thinking about changing career to teaching and we want to attract even more of them – we’ve received over 5,000 expressions of interest over the past five years. 

If you have career changers applying to your programme, please send them this short leaflet.

We are working towards a day when it’s normal for people to become teachers mid-career, bringing greater diversity of experience into schools