Now Teach finds and supports career changers in teaching. Now Teachers bring a range of backgrounds and quality experience to the education system. What they share is a passion to do something new, which is challenging and makes a difference to young people. Now Teachers want to give something back to their communities.

There are now hundreds of different types of courses offered by hundreds of different training providers to become a secondary school teacher in England so rather than invent a new one, we guide you to the most appropriate one for you; then work with you and your training provider throughout the early years of your career to accelerate your progress as a teacher.

Why career change?

How Now Teach Work with you

Now Teach supports you at each stage of your journey to become a teacher. Our recruitment advisors are experts in guiding you through the process to apply to a teacher training programme. The team support you when applying to courses and may recommend you to some of our affiliate training providers if appropriate. We currently work with 58 training providers in 100 schools.

Whether you found your training place via Now Teach or applied to us alongside a DfE Apply application a dedicated Programmes Manager will work with you on your first steps in teaching when training to achieve Qualified Teacher Status.

Once qualified, most Now Teachers then stay in the school they trained in but you can move to a different school as a Newly Qualified Teacher. Alongside the network and fellow Now Teachers, we continue to work with you in the first few years of your career.

We do this at no charge to trainees. Our funding comes from the Department for Education and philanthropic sources.

benefits of a career change into teaching

Older people now make up a larger proportion of the UK’s population than ever before. With a longer working life, many people have a greater opportunity to explore different career paths. And yet whilst many have much more to give, some have felt as though their skills and experience have not always been valued by employers. Now Teach is determined to rectify this by redeploying those skills for the benefit of the next generation. As a network, we have a focus on ensuring our teachers have the opportunity to help students who need it most. We are committed to bridging the Attainment Gap.

Not only do students gain the wisdom and real-world experience that our Now Teachers offer, but our trainees also have an opportunity for an energising new challenge. The skills and experience that you bring, influence schools across the country.

Why Now Teach?

Now Teach are specialists in working with experienced career changers. Based on our experience with previous cohorts we know there are areas where you may be stronger than younger trainees, but we also know where you may not be as developed. Our offer aims to improve your: Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competence.

One to One Support

On an individual basis, Now Teach offers a dedicated Programme Manager. We also provide wellbeing, subject and career coaching – helping ‘Now Teachers’ get to where they want to be in schools. The Programme Managers are happy to listen to all concerns you may have and, more often than not, know of another ‘Now Teacher’ who has been through the same, so we connect you.

It is with great pride that we can report 100% of our cohort rated the support they receive from the programme team as Good or Excellent.

I chose Now Teach because why wouldn’t you? I had the choice of going it alone or having someone to provide bespoke support and a community. Now Teach makes it possible for me to connect with my ‘tribe’ – the events, networking and your staff make it possible. Thank you.

Now Teach Network

The Now Teach Network is essential to accelerating your progress in training. Connecting with fellow, like-minded trainees it is your opportunity to share knowledge, tips and help each other progress. We try to bond training years through a mix of online and face to face events through your training year. The events are monthly and feature quality speakers from the sector.

People coming together and saying, ‘right we’re going to make these networks work for us and support each other’. In the back of my mind, I always knew I had a support network. Now Teach is there to support, to encourage, to develop and to grow.

Helene Jones, 2019 Cohort

Why the Now Teach Programme Matters

Training to teach will almost certainly challenge you in ways which you have not come across previously in your professional career. As a network, we pride ourselves on our participation and retention rates which are well above national averages.


I very quickly discovered when I embarked on the journey into becoming a teacher with Now Teach just how crucial the Programmes Team is to a successful outcome. The team has helped me navigate the education profession. They provide access to an experienced teacher who is independent and who, as they have followed your steps and missteps along this very different journey, understands the landscape you are negotiating very well. They have helped me enormously with applications, with cover letters and C.V. advice, in interpreting messages from schools, and, sometimes as important as anything else, they have always been ready to listen.

Chris Lees, 2019 Cohort

Choosing your training

Choosing your training programme is one of the biggest factors in the early years of your career. It is complicated and can be difficult to navigate. Our team of recruitment advisors are on hand to support your application process. You have several choices which you need to make:

There is plenty of conflicting advice on whether you should take a school-based or university-based training programme. What we recommend is that you look at the different training providers in your location and consider ethos, school network, training fees, salary/bursary, the pace of training and contact time.

The Department for Education list all the different training options. It can seem overwhelming when considering the number of training options available. Our team are here to help you navigate this with this

No two schools are the same. There are differences in geography, culture and working practice which can result in schools often being dramatically different. It is very important to spend some time in school to understand what schools are like. Now Teach and Get Into Teaching can help with this either with experience days or tutoring. Our biggest piece of advice is to not consider it as you would consider your child’s education. Instead, consider what would drive you professionally. Whilst training, you will likely work in two schools which help you have a contrasting experience for when you work as a qualified teacher.

Now Teach work with teachers who are training in secondary school. Our funding is to support people undergoing secondary training so currently, we do not support trainees undergoing primary or further education teacher training courses unless referred by your training provider.

Our experience shows that trainee teachers should pick a subject that they are confident in and believe has value. Of all the subjects you can teach, which subjects meet both those criteria. Now Teach set up subject groups within the cohort so you can connect with fellow trainees in your subject.

Now Teach collaborate with certain training providers to facilitate a compressed training course in your first year. Not all training providers currently offer 4 days a week, but we can help advise you where you can access part-time training. After your first year, we also work with you to ensure you training jobs can be part-time if that is important to your work-life balance.

The PGCE qualification is not a requirement to teach in England. Instead, the qualification you must gain is Qualified Teacher Status (QTS). However, you may wish to do a PGCE qualification alongside your teacher training as it provides stronger academic support alongside your training. Whether you do this is dependent on you and the course you choose. To teach internationally it is recommended you obtain the PGCE.

Key Considerations

There are several key considerations you may have before training to be a teacher. Our cohorts have said they are most concerned by:


Can I earn money whilst training to teach?


Are you providing training in my area?


Will I be too old to teach in school?


Now Teachers share their experience in the classroom.

What you should know before you apply?

What our trainees have

said about us:

I chose Now Teach because why wouldn’t you? I had the choice of going it alone or having someone to provide bespoke support and a community.

I am so excited about the prospect of having the opportunity to teach London kids!! I expect a massive learning curve, and many tough days ahead of me, but I intend to approach my new career with humility, patience, and determination.

Now Teach provides an amazing service and a fantastic network. It is really what inspired me to make the career change in the first place.

I feel that NT has been a phenomenal support network. Everyone I have spoken to has been really good, but even the resources online and some of the videos – because of the current situation and not being able to get out there. It helps. I think you’ve bridged this difficult period excellently as an organisation, I’m quite pleased with myself that I came across you guys.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching and I’m not ‘stupid’ and it is all very confusing. I’ve also spoken to several organisations now. Now Teach was by far the best – informative and most professional. I appreciate the time I’ve been given. Thank you.

I was discussing my plans and our conversation with some friends, and one of my sons, over the weekend – they’d all heard of the NowTeach programme, knew much more about it than I’d assumed, and were so enthusiastic that it confirmed to me that you are already recognised as an important and timely ‘movement’. It would mean a lot to me to be a part of that.


Start your career change journey today. Check your eligibility for the Now Teach programme here.

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