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This space is for Now Teachers to connect to other Now Teachers about teaching, engage in discussions, ask questions, share job opportunities and sign up for events. You can also engage with Now Teach here too. 

Now Teach Graduation

When we first launched Now Teach the majority of participant communication was conducted by WhatsApp. As we have grown with participant numbers now in the hundreds, soon to be thousands, this was no longer as possible. Our participant content and communication now happen via Mighty Network, an app we have built specifically for you.

Access Mighty Network

When you become a Now Teacher you are invited to access the Mighty Network portal by your Programme Manager.

Don't have access or lost your login? Contact your Programme Manager who should be able to assist. Unsure who your Programme Manager is? Contact our triage account and we will be able to assist.

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Keep up with Now Teach on the go

It is easiest to access the platform on the Mighty Network App. We would recommend adding the Mighty Network app to your phone to be able to access it easily in the future.

Download Mighty Network Google App

Download Mighty Network Apple App  


Welcome to the Now Teach Network! 

We’re building a movement and we want you to remain a part of that for the long term, we also want you to be proud of being a Now Teacher and our community, so we ask that you commit to the following expectations: 

  • We encourage you to ask questions, share resources and start discussions in the relevant spaces. 

  • Be polite, communicate with respect, and demonstrate professional behaviour as you would in your schools. 

  • Ensure that any feedback is constructive. 

  • Respect the privacy and personal information of others in the Network but also colleagues outside, particularly concerning your school and students. 

  • Contact the Now Teach programme team for guidance.