From chief executives to world-class journalists, more and more professionals are trading in their offices for the classroom. Now I’m Grown Up, a new podcast series, finds out why. Tackling topics such as the 100-year life and education inequality, host Jenni Murray explores the ideas behind a second career in teaching — and hears from the people who’ve done it.

On each episode, host Jenni Murray invites those that have swapped the office for the classroom to discuss their motivations and experiences, and tackles some of the big topics in education with an expert-led panel.

The 100-Year Life

In our first episode of the series, we invite Now Teach co-founderKatie Waldegrave, and author of The 100 Year Life, Prof Andrew J Scott, to discuss the economic, psychological, and sociological impacts of our longer modern lives. What does this mean for us, what does it mean for work, and what does it mean for our personal lives?

What You Give And What You Get

Marc Freedman, Dr Martin Hyde and Now Teacher Anne-Marie Lawlor discuss what people can bring to the classroom from previous careers in other walks of life, and the sometimes surprising lessons they learn in the process.

The Ripple Effect

The best thing you can give someone is an education. We explore education inequality in the UK and how becoming a teacher has opened Now Teachers’ eyes to the uplifting power of education and its ripple effect across our future societies. Featuring Children’s Commissioner Dame Rachel de Souza, and the “Covid Catch Up Tsar”, Kevan Collins.

The Education Revolution

Laura McInerney and David Blunkett talk to Jenni about the technological and pedagogical improvements and progressive advances that make teaching a more dynamic career now than ever before. We also discuss why we need teachers more than ever before, and why those who thrive when problem-solving could use these skills as a force for change. 

What Are Schools For?

What is the point of school? We discuss whether schools are there to puff out CVs, to tick boxes for employers, to inspire minds — or just to keep kids off the Xbox. And of these prevailing ideas, how well equipped are schools to do them? Featuring Now Teach co-founder Lucy Kellaway and the National Director of Education and Standards, Dr Jeffery Quaye.

Teacher Meets Teacher

We all remember the teacher who was the reason we did x, y or z. We discuss the legacy of an inspiring teacher and how their influence is felt long beyond your school days. Mathematician, teacher and writer, Bobby Seagull, catches up with his teacher, Nick Christie, to discuss the lasting impact of a strong teacher. 

Starting Over

Thirty years in one job seems unfathomable to most younger people. But for journalists, Dame Jenni Murray and Lucy Kellaway, professional success, a good income and a passion for the work kept them at the BBC and the Financial Times for the majority of their working lives. In this final episode in our series, they open up about their shared experience of saying goodbye to the institutions that defined them, and tell us honestly whether they wish they’d done it sooner. 

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