Our Supporters

We are looking for supporters who will help us build on what we have already achieved

Through our growing network of career-changers, we are supporting a movement to improve education in English secondary schools.

6/28/2022 3:06:41 PM
Khasruz Classroom


We are looking to establish relationships with sponsors and donors on a multi-year basis to help us expand our work. This could include:

  • Multi-year funding to help us expand, which would finance specific projects not funded by other means
  • Sponsorship for one-off events, particularly STEM conferences or other networks
  • Venue(s) for information evenings for prospective trainees
  • Access to your network to help us tap into potential trainees.

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Contact us to find out how you can help.

Email: katie.waldegrave@nowteach.org.uk


Current Sponsors


We are committed to developing and enhancing our teachers’ subject knowledge, so working directly with the professional bodies is vital.  Our teachers, because of their backgrounds in industry, are well placed to connect STEM education and careers, which is a key area of common interest with the professional bodies.

To date, our relationships have included:

As we expand across the UK we are always looking for new bodies and regional associations to work with. Contact us to find out more:

Email: katie.waldegrave@nowteach.org.uk


Our thanks go out to Ark Ventures, Winton Philanthropies, and the Financial Times for their strategic and operational support as we have grown into a sustainable organisation.