How to Apply

Overview of the Application Process

Check if you are eligible

Fill in your application form

Come to an assessment

Spend time at a school

Interview with school

Become a teacher!

To begin the application process (or just to find out some more information) please fill in our short eligibility form here

We are looking for impressive late stage career changers, and to be eligible you must have a C grade for maths and English GCSE/O-Level, an undergraduate (honours) degree and the right to work in the UK. It is also a legal requirement to agree to a full DBS check.

If you do not have the equivalent of a C grade GCSE for both English and Maths you must complete an equivalency test. You can book this with Equivalency Testing. The exam will cost approximately £150.

Any exams taken outside of the UK must be checked for comparability by the National Academic Information Centre (NARIC). Click here for the NARIC website.

Your English is not equivalent if the NARIC certificate says it was studied as a foreign language, and you would need to take an English equivalency GCSE.

It is not unheard of that some of you will not have kept a certificate you received some 30+ years ago. If you have lost them you will need to get in touch with your school/exam boards to get them.

Observing some lessons in a comprehensive secondary school is absolutely vital in helping you work out if this radical step is right for you.

The Department for Education runs a School Experience Programme that you may find helpful in finding school experience. You can find out more and register for this on their website here.

Alternatively you may already have contacts or access to schools that could help you find a school experience:

  • Do you have children of secondary school age, if so could you contact their school?
  • Do you know any teachers who could provide an introduction to their school?
  • Is there a local secondary school nearby that any of your friends or colleagues’ children attend?

You can search for local schools on the Edubase Portal. You may have to be persistent and call several schools as they are always very busy places!

Consider volunteering at a school; this might be a way into many schools, especially if you have a particular skill to offer.

If you are eligible for the Now Teach programme you will need to fill in our online application

Our assessment will take approximately 3 hours. The day will consist of an interview, a short lesson you will need to prepare and a subject knowledge test. We will provide much more information and tips on preparing for this once invited.

Ideally you will have got some school experience before your assessment, but if this is not the case we may be able to organise a day in a school before interview.

We will carefully match you to a school, and if you are happy with the choice we will arrange an interview with that school. Before this is scheduled we will send you more information and tips to help you prepare.

For most of our training partners you will have to submit a UCAS form. Once you have been offered a place we will provide some guidance on filling this in as it can be a bit of a painful process. For some subjects you may need to start UCAS earlier (before you have an offer).

All candidates will have to complete a Skills Tests  in Numeracy and Literacy prior to starting the programme.  This is a legal requirement. 

Tests can be taken at Learn Direct Centres.

From 14 February 2018 all candidates will be able to book three tests per subject, free of charge. A charge will be applied from the fourth test attempt per subject.

If candidates paid for and took a second or third attempt at a test on or after the 24 October 2017 and before 14 February 2018, they will automatically receive a refund for the cost of the test.

More information is available online here. Alternatively, learndirect’s helpline is available Monday to Friday 8am-4pm on 0300 303 9613.

You will start in your school in early September, and depending on the school/training provider you may have 2-4 weeks of training beforehand.

Before starting you will meet the cohort and find out about the network and support.

Begin your application to teach in 2018

Questions?   Give us a call on: 0207 430 8878