“Almost everyone said the same thing: you’re mad. I replied I was perfectly sane. I’d spent so long writing columns that I was no longer getting any better at it and was possibly getting worse. Many of my contemporaries were restive in their assorted jobs too and some, like me, longed to start all over again doing something new, difficult and worthwhile.”

Lucy Kellaway

Co-founder and Economics & Business Studies Teacher

After more than 30 years as a journalist I decided to become a teacher. Finding the path to the profession somewhat tricky for someone of my age, I co-founded Now Teach with Katie.

Since graduating from Oxford with a degree in PPE, I have been a journalist, worked for JP Morgan and been a non-executive director of Admiral Insurance.

I leave the running of Now Teach to  the team and focus much of my time on teaching economics and business studies at Mulberry Academy.

“Older people are the world's only natural growing resource. I believe that Now Teachers have the potential to bring skills and experiences from other sectors to better serve our young people and the schools they attend.”

Katie Waldegrave

Co-founder and Director

Lucy and I started Now Teach – on a wing and a prayer – in 2016. I began my working life as a teacher in the first cohort of Teach First. From there I became Head of History at Cranford Community College and I’ve also taught at Ashoka University in Delhi.

In 2007 I founded the literacy charity First Story which I ran until 2013. I studied history at Oxford and have a PhD in creative writing. My first book, a biography of the daughters of Wordsworth and Coleridge, was published by Penguin Random House in 2013.

As Director, I try to balance thinking about how to grow and improve Now Teach with the day to day dramas and joys of running any organisation. In the rest of my life, I try to bring up three small people while promising myself there will one day be a second book!

“I believe that young people benefit greatly from being taught by career changers. Now Teachers bring a wealth of skills, knowledge, experience and subject passion to the classroom and to schools."

Clare Geldard

Executive Director 

I graduated from De Montford University with a BSc in Speech pathology and therapy. I spent ten years in the NHS and then a further 20 years in I CAN, the Children’s Communication Charity.

Over my last ten years at I CAN as Director of Operations/Business Development, I am most proud of building the Social Enterprise. I grew it from its inception to the £1m turnover it is today, working with schools , local authorities and other voluntary sector organisations to ensure its scalability and sustainability.

I am excited to grow Now Teach to ensure career changers becomes the norm.

“I find it hugely rewarding to work in an organisation that helps others to make full use of their skills and experience and educate the next generation at the same time.”

Meera Moynihan

Director of Operations

After graduating in History from Cambridge University, I started my career as a Management Consultant with Ernst & Young. After several years, I made a career switch of my own and moved into the charity and social enterprise sector, working mostly in education.

Over the past 15 years I’ve really enjoyed working with organisations of all shapes and sizes to scale and increase their impact. In my role, I ensure that the day-to-day work of Now Teach runs smoothly so the team can focus on recruiting and supporting great teachers.

“I’d just returned from maternity leave in my previous job and I remember hearing about Now Teach from my manager and being blow away by the idea. Here was something addressing two needs at entirely opposite ends of the age spectrum and being amazed no-one had thought of it before! Now that I work here I am proud by how much has been achieved in such a short space of time.”

Sarah Darrall Shaw

Head of Programme

As Head of Programme, I am responsible for supporting the Programme Team and work with them to design, develop and deliver the network and one to one support offer.

Additionally I get to work with our cohort on a one to one basis, from QTS, through NQT and beyond into the Network.

I basically get to spend my job speaking to remarkable people, doing remarkable things!

“I believe every person irrelevant of background or age has the opportunity to have the life they want and can make a difference.”

Maria Floud

Recruitment & Marketing Director

Being the first in my family to go to university I was proud to graduate in Psychology & Management from Aston University. I started my in-house recruitment career at Andersen. 19 years later, I still really enjoy large scale recruitment and now get to do it where our hires make a difference and improve the life chances of young people.

I am thrilled to be working to help reduce the deficit of teachers needed in the UK and do something new by actively targeting a large number of late stage career changers. I’ve worked to grow the brand and hire talent into numerous organisations after Andersen including Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Grant Thornton and Police Now. 

“An inspiring teacher can have a huge impact on a child’s life and it’s exciting to be part of an organisation which helps people bring additional life and career experience into the classroom to achieve this”

Jo Holmes

Partnership Manager

I’m a career changer myself – I qualified as a Chartered Accountant a long time ago and spent the early part of my career working in Finance and as a Business Analyst for various large corporate organisations.

Having my own children, supporting in their school, and experiencing the incredible work done by teachers inspired me to move into the education sector, initially to Beanstalk, the children’s literacy charity, and then to Now Teach.

After a year working in our recruitment team being inspired by our candidates’ stories I’m now our Partnerships Lead, responsible for developing and strengthening relationships with schools and training providers”

“Now Teach works in two fields that inspire me: education and personal development. Our support means people can embrace change and make a difference to young people.”

Matt Crowder

Brand and Content Manager

I like finding things out , so spent a lot of time studying and ended up with a PhD in TV audience research.

I decided I wanted to work in the charity sector, and have worked in education for the last seven years. I am responsible for Now Teach’s brand, content and PR, so am still working hard to find things out about our teachers and then share it with the right people.

“It’s so important for young people to come into contact with teachers and role models from a variety of backgrounds. Now Teachers bring even more diversity and experience to the classroom and can provide links and opportunities which students may not otherwise have access to.”

Chloe poplar

Programme Manager

I studied English Literature at Durham University and have a PGCE in Secondary English from The University of Nottingham.

After a year teaching TEFL in China, I trained and then taught at a large state school in Derbyshire for three years followed by four years teaching at an international secondary school in Paris.

I work with our Now Teach trainees once they are in the classroom, visiting them in school, running events and offering bespoke support

“I joined Now Teach because I wanted to work for an organisation delivering change in the education sector; I find it fascinating working with career changers who come from all walks of life and bring incredibly diverse experience into schools, and it's great to be part of a dynamic team and a wider movement making late-stage career change the norm.”

Lindsey Graver

Recruitment Lead

Prior to joining Now Teach I worked in a number of roles across the charity sector, beginning my career working on overseas development projects, and then moving on to lead staffing of the government’s NCS programme in South East London, work in selection for Teach First, and mostly recently head up recruitment of volunteers for Future Frontiers, a Teach First innovation partner delivering careers coaching in London schools.

At Now Teach I lead the recruitment team to support our career changers in their transition into teaching, right from the point of expressing interest to helping them secure a training place in the right school.

“I joined Now Teach to help potential trainees navigate the field of education and teacher training in order to make a difference to the lives of the next generations.”


Recruitment Advisor

I studied Primary Education at Kingston University and have spent the past 7 years working in education recruitment, recruiting teachers and support staff into schools.

I work on the recruitment team, providing support throughout the application process.

“Now Teach are part of the solution to the recruitment and retention crisis in teaching. Our pupils deserve the best teachers and I believe Now Teach recruits and develops career changers who have the potential to be fabulous and impactful teachers! Now Teach's commitment to championing flexible working makes them forward-thinking and well-being focused - this is so important in the context of teacher workload.”

Charlie Higgins

Programme Manager

I studied Law at University of Leeds, then qualified as a secondary school teacher and completed an MA in Educational Leadership at University of Warwick.

I developed trainee teachers through previous roles at Teach First and now develop our network of Now Teachers in East Anglia.

I work closely with our training providers and trainee teachers to ensure that Now Teachers are well supported, have a positive impact on pupils and ultimately are retained in the profession.

“I always thought I might become a teacher one day, so the Now Teach mission really appeals to me. It’s inspiring to see people making a change in their lives and using their life experience in schools.”

Becky Jones

Operations Manager

I studied Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. After graduating, I worked at an education-technology company before joining Now Teach.

Day to day at Now Teach, I help ensure the business runs smoothly, covering finances, GDPR, legal contracts and more. My main focus is managing our data and CRM.

“As a career changer myself, I appreciate the positive impact of transferring skills/experiences of professionals into the classroom. I also recognise the importance of a support network. This is why I love working with Now Teach and I count myself lucky to meet so many brave people embarking on this beautiful journey of change and growth. ”

Oge Zogie-Odigie


Change, growth and working with people really excites me. After 15 years as a primary school teacher/school leader, I moved into business improvement where I applied my knowledge about how pupils learn to improve processes.

More recently, I’m interested in coaching for personal development. The common theme of the various things I do is: working with people to be better, work better and achieve more.

“Now Teach taps into a vast resource of experienced talent, targeting experienced individuals who have a passion for teaching and making a difference to the lives of young people. It is very exciting to be a part of that process.”

Adam McCormack


After taking a degree in Economics and Economic History, I spent over 30 years working in investment banking. On leaving the City I took on a number of part-time consultancy roles and am now also a trustee of three charities.

To enhance my change of direction I took an MSc in Charity Management at Cass Business School and am now thoroughly enjoying putting this learning into practice.

“I love our purpose and our drive to continue growing the organisation!”

Maria Vlachynska

Events & Operations Coordinator

I studied Management and Marketing at the University of Bath, but I’ve been involved with educational organisations since high school.

After graduating, I decided to pursue this path and found Now Teach. I make sure that all our events run smoothly, as well as help with daily running of our (for now, virtual) office.

A great part of my role is being able to work with all the teams, which I really love as no day is the same!

“I joined Now Teach to help potential trainees navigate the field of education and teacher training in order to make a difference to the lives of the next generations.”

Ami Goodall

Recruitment Advisor

I really enjoy spending time talking with candidates, learning about their industry and what makes them tick! As a passionate lifelong learner and lover of education I tried my hand at teaching for a year in Singapore, before relocating to London where I combined my two loves Education and Recruitment, taking a position as Regional Manager for an Education Recruitment startup.

The charity sector had always appealed to me, so when I found the role at Now Teach, I couldn’t wait to get started, using my knowledge of the Education Sector to advise career changers on transitioning into teaching.

"If Now Teach have been available when I undertook my career change, I would have definitely wanted to be part of the network. The on-going support from the team and cohort helps to make the training year manageable. Being an assessor gives me the opportunity to play a role in that process.”

Lynn Thayer


Having been a career changer, which including doing my degree at the age of 37, I really enjoy interviewing candidates and discussing their motivation to re-train as secondary school teachers.

My own 20 year teaching career has included subject teaching, Head of Key Stage and Deputy Head. The management side of running a school is constantly changing, updating and adapting and an exciting job. My first love, however, will always be teaching English Language and Literature.

"When learning more about Now Teach it was evident it was built on a real passion and drive to inspire career changers into the teaching profession. The support offered by the programme really is unique and it is so rewarding to be part of a team making a real difference in education."

Rachael Kaykobad

Recruitment Advisor

Coming from a family of teachers and studying Psychology, education recruitment seemed a logical step for me. I have witnessed over a decade of change in the education industry and the impact that teachers have both in the classroom and as role models to children and young adults.

I believe Now Teach is an inspiration to career changers, to understand it is never too late to fulfil their passion. I work alongside a fantastic recruitment team, to provide advice and guidance to those wishing to embark on their teaching career.

“Teaching, as a profession, is immensely rewarding- the joy of sharing experiences and knowledge, and having them shared with you, is something that I value every day I'm in school.”

Clem Studholme

Recruitment Advisor

My specialism is Creative Education. Whether that’s delivering CPD sessions to Teachers; managing a national cohort of drama and dance Facilitators; developing a wellbeing session for staff and students; running a successful Shakespeare-focused Theatre Company; or delivering participatory arts based lessons in schools- the variety of work keeps me energised.

I find the recruitment element of my career equally exciting. I have managed regional teams to deliver large staffing targets, and still deliver as a roleplay actor and recruitment support for other Education organisations and the NHS.

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