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At the end of April, Now Teach hosted a ‘Think In’ with the first cohort of Now Teachers. We discussed what Covid-19 had taught Now Teachers. 

We hope these events will become a regular feature of Now Teach life.  

The hope is that they will be a fun way of sharing ideas and generating debate amongst Now Teachers on a range of topics. The idea of a ThinkIn (shamelessly stolen from Tortoise Media) is that it is a forum for civilised disagreement. It is a place where everyone has a seat at the (virtual) table. It’s where we get to hear what you think, drawn from your experience, energy and expertise.  

We hope that they will: 

  • Strengthen the network
  • Allow for action groups to emerge amongst Now Teachers
  • Help us amplify the Now Teach voice and expertise to a range of stakeholders from the DfE to MAT leaders, headteachers and so on. 

At the end of each session, one of us will produce a short document with our take on the conversation and send it round to you all.  

A brief summary of the 2017 Cohort ThinkIn: What has COVID-19 taught Now Teachers?


  • The most striking thing, for me, was the sheer range in terms of students’ experience of education. There’s the disadvantage gap, of course, but it isn’t as simple as that – there’s just huge discrepancy in the advice and leadership which different teachers in different schools are getting. It’s also clearly very important what kinds of relationships schools had already established with their students and parents. 
  • There were some positives, particularly in terms of collaboration and sharing of resources as well as more flexible working practices. And also the observation that some groups of students seem to be benefitting from this way of learning.   
  • Finally, there was a strong sense that Now Teachers have skills and experiences which could help schools adapt and prepare for the new normal, but still a relatively untapped resource.  

We would like to organise a Think In for 2019s during the summer term and will keep you posted with a date. If you have ideas or suggestions as to what you would like discussed, please do get in touch. The DfE and various MAT leaders have expressed interest in hearing your views as insiders and outsiders in education. We hope these could become helpful ways of Now Teachers influencing the sector. 

Author: Katie Waldegrave

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