“Almost everyone said the same thing: you’re mad. I replied I was perfectly sane. I’d spent so long writing columns that I was no longer getting any better at it and was possibly getting worse. Many of my contemporaries were restive in their assorted jobs too and some, like me, longed to start all over again doing something new, difficult and worthwhile.”

Lucy Kellaway

Co-founder and Economics & Business Studies Teacher

After more than 30 years as a journalist I decided to become a teacher. Finding the path to the profession somewhat tricky for someone of my age, I co-founded Now Teach with Katie.

Since graduating from Oxford with a degree in PPE, I have been a journalist, worked for JP Morgan and been a non-executive director of Admiral Insurance.

I leave the running of Now Teach to Katie and the team and focus much of my time on teaching economics and business studies at Mossbourne Academy in Hackney.

“We have a crisis in teacher recruitment and, in the meantime, there are all sorts of brilliant people who have never actively been recruited into the profession. I remain hugely optimistic about the potential Now Teach has to address the recruitment crisis and benefit from the experience Now Teachers can bring to education.”

Katie Waldegrave

Co-founder and Chief Executive

I founded Now Teach with Lucy in 2016, before that I started the literacy charity First Story. I studied history at Oxford and have a PhD in creative writing.

I was one of the first teachers recruited through Teach First. From there I became Head of History at Cranford Community College and I’ve also taught at Ashoka University in Delhi.

As Chief Executive, I try to balance thinking about how to grow and improve Now Teach with the day to day dramas and joys of running any organisation.

“Now Teach is a great idea and an interesting solution to the teacher recruitment crisis for shortage subjects. I believe that there is a huge deal of potential to expand Now Teach nationally and bring the experience of different careers and industries into classrooms to inspire students."

Libby Dangoor

Operations Director

I studied biological natural sciences at Cambridge before starting my career as a strategy consultant with Bain & Company. I then moved to the Social Business Trust as Portfolio Director.

Before joining Now Teach I was a Venture Partner within Ark. I am also an active governor at Westminster Academy in London.

I work with Katie on the overall direction and growth of Now Teach and how we can deliver our strategy.

“I have a strong affinity with Now Teach’s mission, having worked in education previously and with young people and communities.  I am convinced that, if we get it right and work with the system, Now Teach can help to bring innovation and systemic change.”

Graeme Danton

Executive Chair and Corporate Relationships

Before working with Now Teach, I was the COO of Teach First, the largest recruiter of graduates in the UK. 

Prior to that I worked for 26 years at the Bank of England in policy, risk and crisis-management roles.  I have a BSc and Masters in Economics from Warwick University.

As Executive Chair, I am responsible for Board-management, corporate and external relationships, fundraising and overall management of the charity.  I am also working on Now Teach’s plans toward charitable independence.

Liz taylor

Programme Director

I studied Maths at the University of Nottingham before training as a Maths teacher with Teach First alongside Katie. Following my Masters, I joined Teach First, where I worked for nine years, leaving as Head of Quality. I am now responsible for the overall direction of the Now Teach support programme – how it develops, the schools and training providers we work with and ensuring we are providing a high quality support programme for Now Teachers. 

“I believe every person irrelevant of background or age has the opportunity to have the life they want and can make a difference.”

Maria Floud

Recruitment & Marketing Director

Being the first in my family to go to university I was proud to graduate in Psychology & Management from Aston University. I started my in-house recruitment career at Andersen. 19 years later, I still really enjoy large scale recruitment and now get to do it where our hires make a difference and improve the life chances of young people.

I am thrilled to be working to help reduce the deficit of teachers needed in the UK and do something new by actively targeting a large number of late stage career changers. I’ve worked to grow the brand and hire talent into numerous organisations after Andersen including Ernst & Young, Deutsche Bank, Grant Thornton and Police Now. 

“Now Teach’s participants are an amazing resource for the whole school system, with their knowledge and experience of other lives and careers providing a fascinating contrast with how education works – gathering and sharing those responses with policy-makers and system leaders is a great chance to make improvements for all teachers and students in our schools.”

John blake

Policy and Strategy Director

I am interested in education, history and public policy, and in the history of education and public policy, and in the implications for public policy, including education, of history.

I studied history at Oxford and a Master of Studies in advanced history teaching from Cambridge. I completed my PGCE at UCL.

I’ve been a classroom teacher, middle and senior school leader, a curriculum specialist across some of the best schools in the country, a teacher trainer and a policy professional in Westminster.

“It’s so important for young people to come into contact with teachers and role models from a variety of backgrounds. Now Teachers bring even more diversity and experience to the classroom and can provide links and opportunities which students may not otherwise have access to.”

Chloe poplar

Programme Manager

I studied English Literature at Durham University and have a PGCE in Secondary English from The University of Nottingham.

I taught at a large state school in Derbyshire and spent four years teaching at an international secondary school. I also spent a year as a TEFL teacher in China.

“I was blown away by the idea of Now Teach. Here was something addressing two needs at entirely opposite ends of the age spectrum. Now that I work here I am proud of how much has been achieved in such a short space of time. I basically get to spend my job speaking to remarkable people, doing remarkable things”

Sarah Shaw

Programme Manager

I studied European Theatre Arts as the first cohort at Rose Bruford College. I then studied Arts Management and Policy part time at Birkbeck whilst working full time.

I began my career at the Barbican Centre as assistant to the Artistic Director before moving to the Education department. I was also at The Prince’s Teaching Institute where I was responsible for designing and delivering the charity’s subject focused CPD for teachers.

“This is such a brilliant idea. Who knew there are so many people looking for a change in career who want to do something quite difficult but more meaningful. Now Teachers not only help with the recruitment crisis, but because of their work and life experiences they have a huge amount to offer schools.”

Rebecca Mond

Programme Manager

I was previously Product Manager for a tech and marketing company. Most recently I was involved in the conception of a predictive tool, analysing big data for fashion and luxury brands.

Before this, I studied Anthropology at the University of Sussex.

“I believe that both schools and students can hugely benefit from the experience and cultural capital that career changers bring to the teaching profession. The impact is greatest for students whose aspirations may be limited. Now Teachers can bring a wealth of contacts and careers advice.”

Elizabeth Place

External Affairs Officer

Having studied English Literature and History at university, I spent two years teaching with Teach First. I moved in to corporate communications and public relations at a Magic Circle law firm before starting at Now Teach.

I engage with key stakeholders including journalists and corporates to communicate Now Teach’s mission, proposition and strategy.

“Working at Now Teach is a little infectious and I find family and friends wanting to talk to me about it whenever they get the chance. Linking generations together to support young people’s education is a pretty inspiring feeling – and I guess it catches on!”

Fadi Marouf

Programme Co-ordinator

I studied Telecommunication Engineering at Al Balqa’a Applied University in Jordan. I have worked as an Underwriting Assistant at an international reinsurance company based in Jordan and as a Quality Controller at NOKIA.

I support the Programmes, Recruitment and Operations teams at Now Teach. I am responsible for the logistical organisation of our cohort events and our core administrative tasks.

“I feel really strongly about the importance of quality education and linking what’s learnt in the classroom to the outside world. I think supporting people with life experience to become teachers is a big step towards this, and I look forward to seeing Now Teach grow.”

Becky Jones

Operations Officer

I studied Geography at Royal Holloway, University of London. After graduating, I worked at an education-technology company, before joining Now Teach.

I ensure the business runs smoothly – from finances to GDPR and more.

“An inspiring teacher can have a huge impact on a child’s life and it’s exciting to be part of an organisation which helps people bring additional life and career experience into the classroom to achieve this”

Jo Holmes

Recruitment Advisor

I studied Industrial Economics at Nottingham University and worked in finance before changing careers and moving to the children’s literacy charity Beanstalk. There I recruited and trained volunteers to provide literacy support to children in primary schools in London and more recently set up their offices in the East of England.

I help throughout the application process and focus on finding the right candidates for East Anglia, Hastings and the West Midlands.

“Being at the start of my career, I find it fascinating spending my days talking to people who have done so much over the course of their own. It’s an even greater feeling when I meet the ones who will use that experience to become brilliant teachers. It is inspiring to be part of a company who can help them on that course.”

Joseph Farmer

Recruitment Coordinator

I’m a History graduate from the University of York, where I wrote my dissertation on the value and nature of history in the national curriculum. After a period of work in the city, I joined Now Teach to pursue positive change in education.

I answer all the questions that potential applicants might have about our programme. I also work with the rest of the team to track down inspirational individuals and future teachers.

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