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We offer Now Teachers free bespoke support to make sure their change of career is successful and that they carry on teaching. Our offer continues after they have completed their training, and the Now Teach Network helps them make the most of their experience and skills as career-changers and to stay in teaching for the long term. We offer:

  • Cohort support through events and online sessions
  • One-to-one support through Programme Managers
  • Access to the Now Teach Network of career-changers

If you have any questions about how Now Teach can help you mentor a career-changer, please email: chloe.poplar@nowteach.org.uk

The following videos outline how we explain our support to our new Now Teachers. 


Monthly events complement teacher training and focus on meeting career-changers’ specific needs.  They take place in the evening, outside of other training commitments, and trainees decide their level of engagement. 

Our events inform Now Teachers about the big issues in education and help them build supportive relationships with the other career-changers in their cohort. We provide: 

  • Talks from world experts, such as Dylan Wiliam
  • Subject-specific sessions with peers, more experienced Now Teachers, subject experts 
  • Affinity and action groups e.g., parents, and equality and diversity
  • Annual conference 
  • Informal socials
  • WhatsApp groups
  • Welcome to Teaching – with Mufti Sir Hamid Patel CBE

Hamid is Chief Executive of Star Academies. Passionate about achievement of children and young people from the most disadvantaged communities in the country, this vision has guided the Trust and Hamid’s work .

  • Black History Month – with Facing History

An expert-led session helping Now Teachers celebrate Black History in lessons next month and for their daily teaching practice.

  • Wellbeing and the Change Curve

Alison Kriel shares reflections on teacher wellbeing and what Now Teachers may experience when starting their new career.

  • Subject Hubs

A chance to connect with Now Teachers in the same subject and hear from subject specialists. There are sessions for maths, science, MFL, English, business studies, computer science, history, geography. (R.E. and art are subject to request).

  • Behaviour (Part 1)

Tom Bennett, Director and founder of researchED and Independent Behaviour Advisor for the DfE, shares his learnings and practical advice around student behaviour .

  • Behaviour (Part 2)

Tom Bennett is joined by a panel from across the sector to discuss differing perspectives on behaviour.

  • Being a Form Tutor

A chance to discuss how to deliver high quality pastoral care and build strong connections with all students.

  • Cohort 2020 Graduation and All Cohorts Social

A chance to come together to celebrate Cohort 2020 and all that they’ve achieved  and learned so far, and meet Now Teachers from different cohorts. 


Each trainee has an experienced Programme Manager who offers support and advice as they change career. Every Now Teacher is different, with some relying on us more during their training year and others later on. We support them through: 

  • Personal, subject-based and career coaching, ideally arranged in conjunction with you
  • Regular check-ins, if needed
  • Connections to peers and peer organisations
  • Support with job applications and beyond 
  • Ongoing career advice and guidance.


Now Teachers stay part of the Now Teach Network beyond training and throughout their teaching careerThey have access to the largest network of career-changers in education and are invited to our annual conference, networking events and other tailored sessionsNow Teachers decide how much they choose to engage but we are here to support them when they need it. 

Importantly, we are refining our understanding of the ways that Now Teachers bring additional value and have an impact in their schoolsThe Network will continue to support Now Teachers so they can help more children get the education they need. 

Network Goals: Age and the Workplace

As one of our goals for the Now Teach Network, we champion the benefits of a varied and diverse workforce, including a focus on age and eliminating age discrimination.

You can watch two short clips from our Annual Conference by two experts in the field of ageing and the workplace: Julia Randell Khan, Senior Fellow at Encore, and Dr Martin Hyde, Associate Professor in Gerontology at Swansea University. They discuss the benefits of having older career-changers in teaching.


If you have any questions about how Now Teach can help you mentor a career-changer, please email: chloe.poplar@nowteach.org.uk 

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