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From finance to Now Teach trainee

Stephen worked for many years in retail and business banking and management consultancy before swapping his office for a classroom and he hasn’t looked back. As a trainee Now Teacher, Stephen is very well supported by his school, Ark Teacher Training and Now Teach. He has weekly training sessions, Now Teach seminars and socials, a school mentor, alongside frequent classroom observations, to ensure he is supported in his learning as well as with classroom management.

The level of training from Ark and support from Now Teach is fantastic. As a trainee teacher you receive an overwhelming amount of feedback, on every aspect of your day. It’s terrific and the most useful feedback I’ve ever had in my professional life.

Whilst Stephen is enjoying his teacher training, he doesn’t profess to it being easy. “No individual task is particularly challenging but there are so many of them and they all need to be done in the same 50-minute lesson – that is the real challenge. From remembering children’s names, working whiteboards and projectors, collecting in homework, to dealing with disruption, the list goes on. You are acting most of the time in front of the class – teacher persona is critical. At any point in time, you might be engaging, challenging, encouraging, supportive, stern. It’s a performance.”

For Stephen the most appealing thing about training to teach is the simplicity of his current role. He just needs to learn to be a good teacher. “It’s very liberating to know that all I have to do is be as good a classroom teacher as I can. I don’t need to worry about anything else. It doesn’t matter what management are doing or the government, I just need to concentrate on the 26 pupils in my class.” And the highlight so far? “Sitting in a coffee shop marking end-of-term exams and realising most of these pupils are actually learning something – some of them are learning a lot.”

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