Now Teach taps into a large and previously overlooked pool of impressive people who will help fill the teacher shortage, especially in STEM subjects. If you would be interested in working with us then please do get in touch.

What we can offer schools

Many of our candidates have decades of experience as leaders in their industries. They are keen to learn new skills and do something useful. All have seen enough of life to understand the power of education to reduce inequality. Behaving professionally is second nature to them and they will impart this to the students. Career guidance in the UK is patchy at best. Now Teachers are uniquely well-placed to support students to make the best possible decisions for their future careers.  They can bring their experiences and networks to raise students’ aspirations.

Our programme is competitive to get onto. We will only offer you a candidate if we believe they will become a formidable teacher and fit your requirements.  However, unlike some other programmes, we think it is vital that the final decision on hiring must rest with you. You will have the chance to interview our candidates, to make the best possible match.

What we require from schools

We only place candidates in comprehensive secondary schools with supportive training programmes.

Our programme differs from others and our candidates will do a 4 day week with the option of working part time after the training year.

Begin your application to teach in 2017

Questions?   Give us a call on: 0207 430 8878