Now Teach looks to recruit experienced professionals into teaching in East Anglia

9th October 2018
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Members of the Now Teach team will be in Norwich (at The Forum on Tuesday 27th November for East Anglia’s first regional information evening for prospective candidates).

Now Teach, the education charity which recruits experienced professionals into teaching, is expanding its programme into East Anglia. This builds on its success in London and Hastings where it now has 122 new teachers in more than 40 schools. In 2018/2019 Now Teach aims to recruit 120 trainee teachers in shortage subjects, particularly science, mathematics and modern foreign language.

The programme in East Anglia will be delivered in partnership with The Inspiration Trust. It will focus on finding teachers in priority subjects – science, technology, maths, modern foreign languages – in schools in and around Norwich that need it most.

Commenting on the launch Now Teach, co-founder and chief executive Katie Waldegrave said:

‘After a successful start in London and Hastings we are convinced that expanding the programme will achieve similar results in the East Anglia. Bringing experienced people into schools not only provides students with a great teacher, but also brings a new perspective into the classroom and school from people who’ve spent much of their career in another field.’

Dame Rachel de Souza, chief executive of the Inspiration Trust added:

“Bringing experience from industry and the professions adds a rich new aspect to the teaching our pupils receive, and can help children see the practical applications of what they’re learning in the classroom. It can also be deeply rewarding for the teachers themselves, to be moving to a career that has such a positive and vital difference to our young people’s lives.

“We are delighted to be partnering with Now Teach. Changing jobs can be nerve wracking and the additional support they can offer to our trainee teachers really helps smooth that process, meaning both teachers and pupils benefit.”

Over its first two years Now Teach received close to 3000 expressions of interest from potential candidates.  As well as recruiting professionals into teaching, Now Teach also invests in supporting them as they make the transition into a new career. It has an overall retention rate of 89% The 2018 cohort is 58% STEM (of which five are computer science teachers), 16% Modern Foreign Languages, 9% Geography and 15% English.


About Now Teach

Now Teach brings experienced professionals into teaching.

As lives and careers last longer, Now Teach is uniquely tailored to support people as they change profession and redeploy their talent and experience in the classroom; addressing declining numbers of qualifying teachers and ensuring the students who need it most get the best education possible.

In doing so, Now Teach aims to draw on the experience its teachers have from successful careers in industry and the public sector to inform the future direction of our education system and the teaching profession.

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Barney O’Kelly