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Spring Survey feedback and how we are acting on it

Firstly, a huge thank you to everyone who shared their feedback via our Spring Survey. We want to make sure what we offer is relevant and useful to you and our incoming 2020 cohort members, particularly given the current circumstances. In return for accessing our excellent events offer, we expect to hear your feedback; we will continue to survey on a termly basis so please do use them as an opportunity to develop and improve our work.

What changed as a result of your feedback from the Winter Survey?

  • We have moved to two full-day Network Sessions as opposed to four half-day Cohort Sessions for our incoming 2020 cohort members.
  • We are differentiating our offer for NQTs to include tailored Network Sessions specifically for NQTs run by some of the best in the profession.
  • We are now recording all our sessions so you can access them anytime, anywhere! They are saved in the staffroom section of our website: https://nowteach.org.uk/staff-room/

Headlines from the Spring Survey:

  • The vast majority of cohort members recommend Now Teach
  • Programme Team support and events are rated highly (92% rated programme support as very good/excellent)
  • Digital delivery of events is proving popular, particularly in relation to larger events run by some the best speakers in the profession!

What next?

  • Plan our programme of events for 2020-21 to include:
    • One Network contact point a month either in person or via events delivered digitally
    • Friday socials once a term for all cohorts (pending Government guidance on Covid-19)
    • Network Sessions to focus on Behaviour and Subject Knowledge

The survey also included a number of questions asking you about your motivation, needs and awareness of teacher training when you first heard of Now Teach, as well as a number of demographic questions. We asked these as an extension of our work with the management consultancy Bain & Co. who have offered their services to Now Teach for free in 2020 to help develop our growth plan. This data will help us to refine our marketing to get better at finding more great Now Teachers in future – thank you!

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