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“Get out of town for a long weekender if you can. But alongside ‘repairing’, I’d advise you to put together a reflective list of things to do. For example, you might think about behaviour management and review your seating plans; think about wider reading; and invest some time in your subject knowledge.” – Duncan Heppell, maths teacher, Cohort 17

“Decide which days you are going to take as holiday and enjoy without thinking about work. For the rest of the time, plan the lessons for the first few days back and catch up with your QTS evidence portfolio!” Kerry Tasker, maths teacher, Cohort 18

“Work if you must, but set aside at least half, if not more, of your half term for complete rest” – Anne-Marie Lawlor, MFL teacher, Cohort 17

“Do what Year 10 do in my lessons: have a good rest and catch up with your friends!” – Jonathan Shaw, physics teacher, Cohort 17

“For those of you doing one, get ahead with some PGCE work if possible, as time will become more pressured closer to Christmas” – Ciara Brown, English teacher, Cohort 18

“ My technical advice would be to have a spreadsheet of your evidence by teacher standard and do a pivot table to count/check how much evidence you have against each standard. You can then focus on different areas as you go forward” – Joe Nicholson, Computer Science teacher, Cohort 2018

Recommended reads:

  • ‘Cleverlands’ by Lucy Crehan
  • ‘Mindset’ by Carol Dweck
  • ‘Learning Theories Simplified’ by Bob Bates. Each theory is covered in two pages, allowing you to decide which ones to follow up on.
  • ‘Why Students Don’t Like School’ by Daniel Willingham
  • ‘How I Wish I’d Taught Maths’ by Craig Barton

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