Why Retraining To Teach Matters

Now Teachers come from different backgrounds but they share a passion to do something new, the desire for a challenge and the drive to give something back. As a career-changer, you can bring your hard-earned experience, skills and networks into the classroom to make a real difference in the lives of your students.

Students gain the wisdom and real-world experience that our Now Teachers offer and you have the opportunity for an energising and rejuvenating new challenge.

6/29/2022 11:55:02 AM
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Why career change matters

Changing careers is the future of work. We are staying healthy and working for longer, which gives us opportunities to explore different career paths and learn new things. Now Teach is using this cultural shift to redeploy skills into schools for the benefit of the next generation.

Now Teachers share what they believe the best thing about their career change have been so far:

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of work experience prior to teaching

Teaching is exciting. It is your opportunity to share the love you have for your subject and help young people in your area develop. How can we help you do that? Our Network and Programme team have put together a unique programme to accelerate your progress.