Meet Now Teach: Joseph Farmer

Meet Now Teach: Joseph Farmer, Programme Manager

3 mins

8/5/2022 11:25:04 AM
Each term, we'll be getting to know a member of the Now Teach Team in more depth. This time, we're speaking to Joseph, recently returned to Now Teach from New Zealand. 
What drew you to Now Teach?

Coming back to Now Teach was an easy decision for me. Having worked in the recruitment team previously I knew that they were an organisation whose mission and values resonated with my own. At the point that I saw the opening in the Programme team, I had just completed my own teacher training in New Zealand. Whilst I loved teaching, it ties you to a place and I was in the process of moving back to the UK. The opportunity to join the Programme team, share what I had learned and make a positive contribution to an organisation committed to change, seemed like a perfect fit.

What does an average day look like for you?

On average my time is split between talking to participants and working on my ongoing projects. I have responsibility for our cohort surveys and onboarding offer. I also work closely with the partnerships team. However, Now Teach is a dynamic organisation and often my days look quite different. That is part of being responsive and it makes it an exciting place to work. Generally I work from home and try to find time in my day to be active; until I came back to a ‘desk job’ I hadn’t realised quite how physical teaching can be!

What’s something not many people know about you?

I love to tell stories and share new things I’ve learned. For that reason, there isn’t a lot that people don’t know about me. That said, one thing that tends to come up less often these days is that, as a teenager, I spent a lot of time practicing close-up magic. I managed to track down a member of the magic circle and was all set to audition. I think I then decided overnight that joining the magic circle probably wasn’t as ‘cool’ as I thought it would be. I do still have an huge cardboard box full of playing cards and I have be known to pull out a trick in the right circumstances!