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A letter from Clare

Dear Now Teachers, 

I wanted to let you know that I have taken the really difficult decision to hand my resignation in to the Board and will be leaving at the end of August. This leaves us with plenty of time to recruit the next person to lead the organisation into its next phase, and a glorious phase it will be.  

Like many, lockdown and its aftermath led me to reflect on my own personal priorities and I want to change some things. I want to spend more time with my grandchildren and have the space to support my wider family. I am also a Trustee of a local charity that I want to give more time and energy to. I will look for some flexible consultancy or a more part time role in September.  

I have loved the last 3 years; moving to be an independent charity, securing the DfE contract to be a national organisation but especially watching the ever-growing group of Now Teachers doing great things in classrooms and staffrooms. You are why we exist.  

Before I leave, I have two pleas for you… firstly, please keep engaging with us. Tell us what you think about our offer and how we can get better.  We are still a relatively young organisation, so your feedback is vital. Secondly, please continue to shout about Now Teach, to your friends, to your colleagues and on social media – wherever you feel comfortable. It makes such a difference! 

I hope to see as many of you as possible over the next few months, at our events and most excitingly at our annual conference on 23rd July where I will say a proper goodbye in person. For now, I hope you all enjoy a relaxing break with your loved ones.  



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