Is Now Teach for me?

You’ve worked hard and made a success of your career – but your job doesn’t grip you the way it once did. You dream of starting all over again and doing something new. You want to feel useful. You’re ready for the hardest thing you’ve ever done.

Now Teach is looking for experienced leaders from the private and public sectors to teach mainly maths, science and languages (French and Spanish) in challenging secondary schools in London and Hastings. We will help you work out if this is for you, help you apply, and support you throughout your on-the-job training in a school.  As a Now Teach pioneer, you will start a movement, teach skills to the children who need them most, and put your leadership experience to the best possible use – in the classroom.

How it works

Applying to become a teacher is complex. We will help you decide whether this is for you and simplify the process.

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We will guide you through our rigorous assessment process. We can also advise those who do not join Now Teach on other ways of supporting young people.
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A network and support
Join a network of brilliant career-changers and benefit from a tailored support programme specifically designed for later stage career changers.
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  • "Quitting banking for teaching takes a lot of guts - I was losing salary, status and friends. I made the change at 45, but now think I should have done it earlier. I've loved every minute of it"


Begin your application to teach in 2018

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