David Butler – Physics

(Ark Walworth Academy)

David studied Astrophysics at UCL and then spent seven years in the Royal Marines as a Lieutenant and Captain.  He completed an MBA at Warwick Business School in 2000, and then held senior positions in business.  He was the interim CEO of the South Africa Chamber of Commerce, and later founded and ran Glenportal Associates, a business risks consultancy.


Lucy Moore – Maths

(Ark Elvin Academy)

Lucy has spent over 30 years working in the NHS – training first as a doctor, then in public health medicine. She spent 10 years spent as a Chief Executive of two challenging hospitals in London and in Essex. During her tenure she made big improvements to financial and operational performance in organisations employing 4000 people with budgets of £300m. She has degrees from Manchester and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.


Lynda Burns– Spanish

(Oasis Academy Shirley Park)

Lynda joined the Diplomatic Service in 1999 and has served in Athens, Washington and Nicosia. She has specialised in EU work, USA, strategy, crisis planning, Olympics and security. Lynda was seconded to the Met Police in 2010-12 working on the London Olympics. She has a degree in Spanish from Edinburgh.


Phong Dinh – Maths

(Bolingbroke Academy)

Phong worked as a lawyer in the US before moving to the UK to work as a financial consultant since 2005. He studied Classics at Boston College and Law at Suffolk University Law School.


Howard Smith – Maths

(Mossbourne Community Academy)

Howard has worked in the City of London for about 25 years, mainly in senior roles concerned with the trading and risk management of securities and financial derivatives. Howard is a keen poker player and was  runner up in the latest World Series of Poker Tournament in Las Vegas. He has a maths degree from Oxford.

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